JudgeRightly's PotD December 17, 2020


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This is what people seem to miss the most. Thanks for explaining it so succinctly.

Good job, Yorzhik!

Sweden had 0 excess deaths. Just like the US. We should have seen an increase in the absolute number of deaths year over year, accounting for population increases and aging. But we didn't. Sweden saw the same number of people die as expected, which is surprising since we should have seen a couple of things: First, because Sweden didn't mask or lock down anywhere near as completely as the US or any other country, that death bump should have been obvious, huge, and so unmistakeable Anders Tegnell would have been fired. But the deaths didn't exist. But even more damning was that we know the population that was supposed to have the excess deaths, a small age range at the top... but, no, there was nothing. If Sweden hadn't been berated so internationally, loudly, and unanimously, they would not have noticed anything beyond a normal flu season. That is not a "failure, pure and simple". It is, at BEST, a tiny increase of deaths compared to surrounding countries and also compared to other 4 season caucasian countries world-wide. But a tiny increase in COVID deaths, which would only be found with bad statistical practices above the noise, meant a huge saving of life economically - something you won't even count because you don't care about humanity as much as I do.

Turns out to be the same in the US. We have 0 excess deaths year over year. We should see the obvious bump of a pandemic, especially since there should be a small age range where the spike occurs... but it's not there.

As far as 300,000 deaths in 3-4 months. Please note the US has had greater than 90% compliance with masking in all major cities for a very long time. Lockdowns have *long* been draconian in areas where deaths are the worst. What we should see is some kind of change when masking and lockdowns work. But the only time these mandates work is when the trend is already down! Please, you might not be a infectious disease scientist but you only need to have common sense to know masks and lockdowns don't work. But even further, you might not be aware of this, but there is a flu season every year. It goes up twice a year in exactly the same places that COVID-19 did. So deaths will magically go down soon and we won't reach 300,000 deaths. How many deaths will we reach? Well, it will be in the same proportion that heart attacks, cancer, strokes, flu, and all other methods of death went down to create the 300,000+ deaths we've had from COVID-19 over the last 10 months.