JudgeRightly's Post of the Day - 1/20/21


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Knocking it out of the park today is @ffreeloader:

The community in which I live. My fellow church members and Christians come before those outside of my Christian family.

I do not consider taxes charity. Charity is not forced or imposed on me from outside forces. Charity must come from the heart and be a free will gift to my fellow man. If it is not that then it does not fulfill God's concept of charity, love for my fellow man. My charity must work to destroy the selfishness found in my own heart, and thus flow from my heart to others in a personal way. A personal relationship. Read the story of the Good Samaritan to understand the concept.

Taxation limits the resources I have to help my fellow man. Government is so corrupt that they spend my tax money poorly. We, the government and I, have vastly different ideas as to how my money should be applied and to whom it should go. An example of that is I do not think that money should be given directly to addicts. As an example. I would buy them groceries rather than directly supplying them with funds. With the self-destructiveness of an addict they will most likely spend their money in exactly the wrong way. They will feed their addiction before they will feed their family. They spend it on that which destroys them rather than making good use of resources and as a result their family will go without what they need.

This is why I despise socialism so much. It is an ideology that takes the joy of giving and makes it burdensome. And it falsely gets people to assume they have practiced charity when they have paid their taxes. It separates them and the people they think they have "helped". They haven't actually "helped" anyone. They have no idea as to how their money has been used, and they have no idea as to who received what and why. They have just unloaded their responsibility and privilege onto faceless bureaucrats, and if you've never dealt with government bureaucrats you have no idea as to the attitudes many of them take to those they "help". Their attitudes towards the needy are such that they often make those who need help feel shamed rather than loved. That's why charity must flow from an individual's heart rather than a government's bureaucracy. The recipient and the giver must understand that any help given comes directly from the love God has placed in the heart of the giver.

Well done!