How many Republicans or independents received donation requests by mail

How many Republicans and Independents received

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I wrote a letter to Trump 3 years ago and commented on several aspects of his fight with the swamp, and how I saw his chances compared to the founding father's odds against beating the British army. I received two replies. The first one was a form letter saying the letter appreciated and was being re-read and my ideas investigated. A couple of months later I received another response actually responding to the comments I made, but also some comments I thought were just standard rah rah political rally speech.

Then in the months before the election I began receiving letters from the Republican party asking two things:
1. Asking me to go down to the local Republican party and volunteer because they were looking for local thought leaders.
2. Asking for monetary donations.

I dismissed it all as normal fundraising letters and as I don't trust the Republican party any farther than I do the Democrat party I just dismissed the whole idea from my mind. But the whole set of events still puzzled me slightly as I am a registered Independent. I am not a Republican. It's easy enough for anyone at the White House to find out what party I do or do not belong to so why the Republicans were wasting money sending me reams of paperwork by 1st class mail puzzles me.

Thus the poll. How many other Republicans and Independents received these types of donation requests. I still believe they were just stock standard donation request letters but there is a small amount of doubt in my mind as I've never received anything else like it in my life.


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Does this include email spam?
LOL. No. It was snail mail direct from the Republican party.

I'm pretty fortunate that the only email spam I ever get is direct from Nigeria and the spelling, grammar, and request for money so I can access the millions of dollars that have been left by some dead idiot in such a way that makes it available to anyone in the world announces it's origins. ;)

The other thing about the letters from the Republican party that made me laugh was the desire to have "thought leaders" volunteer. As I've never considered myself a "thought leader" in any way shape or form it just made me laugh as it seemed so much like flattery designed to elicit large amounts of money from the recipients. If they had even researched me at all they would have known I'm a poor man with no money for donating to a political party.
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