Hey libs, how do you like your great god Fauci now?

way 2 go

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Operation Mockingbird was a CIA program that enlisted more than 400 American journalists, as well as journalists around the world, to manipulate public opinion by spreading propaganda or what we call it today, fake news.​

In an era of “fake news” and revelations of Facebook sharing user information to outside sources in an apparent attempt to influence voters for elections, the veracity of what we see in the media is more crucial than ever. However, it is far from a new phenomenon as the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird spent years planting fake news stories in an effort to sway public opinion.


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Well of course, Fauci is in the pocket of the same Owners who own the Republican Party. Good luck with that.
With all the facts coming out about Fauci's support of the gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab, what have you uncovered that causes you to see that republicans are to blame as much as Fauci and others who are not known to support republicans and conservative causes?