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Peter - You were redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, be careful to maintain your faith, endure trials, and at the end you will have your sins blotted out.

Paul - You were crucified, buried, and risen with Christ. Your sins have already been blotted out. Live as though you have already been resurrected.

Same Lord, same shed blood, different requirements, different timing of atonement, different eternal purpose, different inheritance.

Great post, Brother!


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STP is "mucho notches above" me in biblical knowledge, Bora of Tam-but not as humble!
I'm so glad to have you both in my camp.

Nick M

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More like when Barn was sherriff for the day and locked up the whole town. He stood on the street corner, all puffed up, gazing around at his kingdom.

At least we know what would happen to TOL if John W was mod for a day.