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HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Wildlife Center Will Put Your Ex’s Name On A Salmon — And Feed It To A Bear

A wildlife center in Oregon is offering a special deal to the vengeful and vindictive. For $20, the center will put your ex's name on a salmon — then feed it to a giant bear, who will promptly rip its head off and devour it.

"Let our 1000 pound brown bears tear into your ex…" writes the Wildlife Images Rehabilitation and Education Center about the program, named "Catch and Release."

"Did you fall hook, line, and sinker for someone who broke your heart? Kodi & Yak would love to help you get your revenge! In exchange for your $20.00 donation your ex’s name will be on a salmon and served up for dinner. We’ll provide you with a special certificate, and photos of Kodi and Yak destroying your ex!"



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Happy Valentines Day? President Trump Ruining People's Love Lives, Causing 'Post-Trump Sex Disorder'

If things have gotten a little...cold...in the bedroom lately, it turns out, you can blame President Donald Trump.

According to a "sex expert," who spoke to the far-left publication, Salon, Trump is having an outsized effect on people's love lives across the country, causing bouts of apathy, listlessness, and just a general lack of "being in the mood."

Dr. Susan Block, a self-described "sex therapist," Donald Trump has "created a type of PTSD — what I call ‘Post-Trump Sex Disorder.'"

"Trump has created feelings of fear, loathing, and nausea," she told Salon. "People just don’t want to have sex. This would mainly be seen with women who are just appalled at how creepy Trump is.