God is very good

Gary K

New member
Our God is an awesome God that takes care of His people.

Last Sunday our Honda died. It was overheated and driven until the block cracked. We had no one to turn to but God as we could not afford another payment. On Tuesday my wife's employer presented her with a "new to us" 2002 Honda Accord EX. It's an awesome little used car. At 20 years old it has 177,000 miles on it meaning it's been driven only 9000 miles a year. It drives like a dream, has the V6 engine, leather interior, sun roof, 4 speed automatic, brand new Michelins, and brand new headlight assemblies. The dealer it was purchased from is highly ethical and are fixing almost all of the cosmetic issues it has and replacing a rear wheel bearing that is just beginning to go out. It is going to be reliable transportation for years to come.

God is very good.