God is Sovereign! What did she say?


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God is sovereign, whether you want to believe it or not. I absolutely hold to this. What I will not hold to is the warped idea that people have over the term sovereign. I always give this scenario of what I know to be true of God’s real sovereignty.

It’s like a father who is sovereign over his house. He may declare that he will have a manicured lawn and the way he chooses to go about it, is to declare that his children take part in it. So one of his sons goes out to do that which his father has told him to do which is mow the lawn. Instead, the son goofs off and decides to climb the tree first and ends up falling and breaking his arm. This does not mean the father is somehow now not sovereign and thinking, “Well, that’s it. I can no longer remain sovereign. I do not have the ability in any other way to have a manicured lawn.” Absolutely not! The father would probably laugh if anyone even tried to suggest this. His attitude would probably be, “Wanna bet?” There are many other ways he could go about this. Have another child mow the lawn. Hire somebody to mow the lawn. If a mere mortal man could keep his plan that He decreed, how much more an Almighty God, whose ability to bring about what He decrees, absolutely **will be** the outcome. And for us to even suggest otherwise, that this is now not possible because man’s sin got in the way of how He had originally planned, How much more does He say, “Wanna bet!?” I serve a God and have all confidence in Him that He is powerful enough to get the results He wants without having to predestine it before the foundation of the world. That is real power. To say that this is not possible for Him is limiting His power.