Gary Meggison, what will your legacy be?

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Nathon Detroit

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Gary Meggison, Senior Vice President The Weitz Company.

What will your legacy be Gary? How do people view you now? How will they view you in years to come? Are you known for building well engineered structures? Will your legacy be your college refined management techniques? Are you known for your ability to keep projects on time and under budget? Gary D. Meggison what will you be most remembered for? I often think about what I will be remembered for. I have no college degree, I am not a senior vice president for a large construction company, those things are very impressive. I am just a dad.... an owner of a small struggling company, and the webmaster for a few websites. Yet I hope my legacy is something to be proud of. I hope people remember me for turning from the wickedness of my young adult life and living out the rest of my days in humble submission to God's will (as best as I am able).

Search for your name on the internet Gary Meggison. What do you find when you search for Gary Meggison? What are the vast majority of search results in reference to? Your management style? Your engineering expertise? No.... the vast majority of results are your association and insistence on building the nations largest child killing facility.

Even when you view your own "who's who" information what web references accompany your name?

Gary, all of us at one time or another get involved in something that we probably should have avoided. It isn't our mistakes that define us but it's how we handle our mistakes that will ultimately define us.

The way I see it.... you have two possibly legacies.... one of pain, anguish and embarrassment for you and your family. Or... one of heroism should you repent. I urge you as one human to another, to consider your personal legacy and your greater sphere of influence that you have upon eternity.
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