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Right here on this forum, several of the demonic communist regulars said we were lying when we predicted rapes by transvestites allowed into women's rest rooms. It has since happened numerous times but a recent case is perhaps the most horrifying: a school girl raped and sodomized by a boy in a dress in a public school restroom. Her father was arrested after confronting the school board when he found out the boy had done it TWICE but the leftist school admin and board wanted to cover it up.

I tell you the truth and won't ever apologize for it...I can't wait till that one fat guy, the insane shrew, and the other leftist perverts who called us liars and insisted this could never happen, go to the Hell they richly deserve.
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The "boy" in question had his crime covered up by those in charge of him and was transferred to another school where he repeated his behavior of sexually molesting children.


Where have we seen this before?