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way 2 go

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CNN boss Chris Licht’s dirty work is done — for now.

The left-leaning news network’s new chief executive cut hundreds of jobs Thursday in an effort to shore up costs and transform the struggling cable news network.

CNN had roughly 4,400 employees prior to Thursday’s bloodbath. The layoffs hit hundreds of staffers, but amounted to a “single-digit percentage” of staff, according to a source with knowledge. That would mean no more than 440 staffers were handed pink slips.


More than 1,000 members of the New York Times union, which includes hundreds of newsroom staffers, plan to walk out on the job if the company's management doesn't agree to the terms of a new contract by Dec. 8

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Well, Trump did indeed suggest the possibility of injecting disinfectant if not expressly encouraging it in one of his most bizarre briefings. Still, this is from a guy who thinks that there were airports in 1776 and that windmills could possibly cause cancer so hey...

Trump didn't invite the complete loon Nick Fuentes to Mar-a-Lago as I understand but certainly seemed taken with the wingnut. Then again, why would you have any issues with Fuentes anyway? He fits right in with the far right brigade...

The 2020 election was legitimate and certified. Only far right conspiracy dopes still whine on about it.

Etc etc...


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3:15 mark

ban drug advertising on TV would cost fake news 75% of their advertising revenue

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I do get tired of every other commercial being an advertisement of a drug.