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Poly said:
Those that didn't accept Christ, thinking that they didn't need Him and disrespected Him were called names by Him. This fits beanieboy to a T. He has been told in all sincerity many many times by various people on here that he needs Christ. He claims that He doesn't believe in the bible yet continually uses it against the people of God. This is some big time hypocrisy. If you remember right, Christ didn't think very highly of hypocrites. beanieboy has also said to those that are harsh, "well, if you were just a little nicer and more considerate, maybe it would help me but I don't want to have anything to do with mean people". So what happens? People are nice and throw their precious pearls to him. They have time and again and does this change anything? No. He still says, just as he did to Freak earlier that he'll agree to disagree. God, as well as Godly men in the bible, sometimes mocked people as well as called them names. Christ didn't pull any punches when it came to telling it like it is. When he offended those that were self-righteous, not seeing their need for him, His disciples said..."hey don't you know you offended them?" Christ didn't say...."oh man, guys, we need to go apologize. Hurry, go catch them." No He said..." Leave them alone. They're blind leaders of the blind and they'll both end up falling in the ditch." Matthew 15:12-14.

We need to make sure we are patterning our behavior after Christs toward those who refuse to accept Him.


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