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Originally posted by billwald

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Just remember--Social Security was started so that the old would not be a financial burden on the rest of us.

Yes, partly correct. FDR "invented" retirement for the working class. Back in the bad old days when most lived on the farm the old people could be left in the kitchen or locked in a bedroom. How many of you are planning to personally care for your parents? My parents cared for my mother's parents and it controlled all their activities.

Yeah, I hate to see anyone inconvenienced for family. My parents took care of their parents. We took care of our parents. Then again, we have always taken care of our children until they were ready to go out on their own. Some don't want to raise their children either. That is why we have adopted and raised so many foster children. I know that it is just so much of a burden having a family. It just takes so much away from "ME, ME, ME!" Why to go Morpheus
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