Dread Helm's SPOTD 12-3-06

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This is my first POTD, but I thought this one really deserved it!
Morphy said:
Adam_Kratt said:
I am not sure if Liberals are to blame,
Who else could be possibly to blame??? Christians? Conservatives?

Moron_Kratt said:
but I wonder how tolerant Conservatives would be to celebrating Ramadan in public schools or how tolerant Conservatives would be if they wanted to celebrate Visakah Puja ("Buddha Day") in schools? I remember a class which was scheduled to be taught in Sacramento about the Basics of Islam and it was not Liberals who went to court but conservatives who had an injunction placed against it.
Great Polish mind, Kisiel, said:

Socialism is a system which is engaged in a heroic struggle against problems unknown in other socioeconomic systems.

The problem is there are public schools - were there private schools only there would be no problem.

Europe is a Christian continent and every time Christianity was rejected it ended up in massive manslaughter (the French Revolution, Hitler's III Reich, the USSR and so on). Thus I, as agnostic, strongly recommend celebrating everything what has something to do with Christianity.

I underline: I'm saying this as non-Christian.

Socialists wipe out Christianity everywhere they can and the result is rapidly increasing violence in public schools. This month at least 2 public school students in Poland committed suicide after being humiliated. One, a 14-years old girl, was publicly gang raped in a schoolclass.

"Separation of the church from the state" means: get rid of Christianity and promote religion of Marxism.

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