Dread Helm's POTD 2-6-07

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Wow! Cfisher lays one down!

cfisher said:
Yes, as I have posted before on this site. We should have originally just started nation hopping: today Afghanistan, tomorrow Iraq, the next day Sudan, and so on. In a few months we would have basically cured the world at a fraction of the cost of our current war. We don't need to be the cleanup crew.
But now that we are bunkered down in Iraq, leaving would be devastating. It would look like a defeat for the US. Terrorists everywhere would be heartened, emboldened, and strengthened. It would tell the world that the Great Satan can be defeated. Look at what happened in Somalia. We cannot afford that. To “win” the war in Iraq, I will repeat what a general has said: “We need to pull the media out and give the generals total freedom to accomplish their goals.” This is war, not some wet dream where politicians and complete idiot civilians should dictate our fighting policies and get our men killed.

And no, I have sources that dispute your Iraqi people claim.

"A diplomatic approach would have proved more successful. "
Thats the most historically naive thing I have hear all day. Where is your track record on diplomacy?
In fact, cfisher has had a "smacking" performance in that whole thread!:BRAVO:

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