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None of the cases you presented were confirmed TO BE from the COVID vac.

I'm not the one making unsubstantiated claims. I'd expect you to be embarrassed, but your side of this issue has no compunction about telling lies at all.
Who said they died of the vax? It was conjecture that plays well with an increasingly suspicious public. Your articles repeatedly said they DIDN'T die of they vax, but nobody knows what caused the issue. Those are contradictory statements. And you would know that if you actually thought about it before you posted. That's why you should be embarrassed.


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Until I was called out in this thread, I was ignoring you.
That doesn't require you to suddenly embarass yourself. I was just wondering why you hadn't jumped back in to fact check all the died suddenly cases, but I didn't think you'd do it so poorly.

way 2 go

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way 2 go

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that thing that we're not talking about seems to speed up cancer : link wrong antibody


Beloved University of Naples (Italy) Professor of Dermatology Gabriella Fabbrocini, 58, died this week, finally succumbing to a rapid pancreatic cancer that suddenly and unexpectedly developed last summer.


Gabriella was active in many charitable organizations and was well-known for helping poor migrants with free medical care. Gabriella’s time on Earth was tragically cut short, but the good news is that she had all her doses, so don’t worry.

Gabriella trusted the science


💉 Here’s ANOTHER one. Popular St. Joseph’s (Canada) urologist and kidney cancer specialist Dr. Anil Kapoor died suddenly and unexpectedly on “February 28 after a short and courageous battle with an acute illness.”

That’s the new gag: “a short battle with an acute illness.” It usually means turbo-cancer, as it did here. I don’t need to remind you, do I, about Canada’s oppressive jab mandate for healthcare workers?

The hospital’s obituary statement for its deceased doc accidentally included a remarkably ironic bit:

“Dr. Kapoor was deeply committed to pursuing new knowledge, testing new medications and employing laparoscopic surgical techniques to help those living with cancers[.]”​

“Testing new medications”! His obituary should’ve included a spoiler warning. That kind of gave the plot away, didn’t it?

not dead but ... could you imagine the law suit

💉 Also on February 28th, the LA Times ran a story headlined, “Justin Bieber’s ‘Justice’ World Tour Canceled After Several Postponements.”

The article begins with this short, direct sentence: “Justin Bieber‘s ‘Justice’ world tour has come to an abrupt end.”

Yeah it did. Right along with Justin’s meteoric career. You know what a meteor is, right? A fiery rock that crashes into the Earth and explodes.

Justin Bieber, 29, trusted the science. Now, after several postponements, the singer and his team have seemingly called off the remaining shows of the tour’s European leg and more. Fans on Twitter shared screenshots from ticket sales platforms announcing that their upcoming events have been canceled as well.

That’s it, it’s a wrap.

You’ll probably recall that last summer, Bieber announced he’d developed a type of facial paralysis called Ramsay Hunt Syndrome — a known side effect from the covid vaccinations similar to Guillain-Barré syndrome — and that he was going to rest for a while, to get his health back.

It’s not back.

And it’s ironic his tour was called “Justice.” If Justin could sue the jab makers, his damages would be astronomical. I’m not kidding. I’d bet a jury might award Justin a billion dollars in lost career revenue. And he’d deserve every penny.

But justice is scarce for the vaccine injured at the moment.

Only at the moment.

way 2 go

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Two weeks ago, the New Zealand Herald ran an eerily similar story headlined, “New Zealand Records Biggest Increase In Registered Deaths In 100 Years.”

In 2022, New Zealand’s death figures broke a hundred-year record. The last time there was this much excess death was in 1918, during the Spanish Flu. 2022’s excess mortality was about 11% higher than 2021 — remarkably close to Australia’s figure.

Curiously, during the first two years of the pandemic, New Zealand did not record any excess mortality. The country’s significant mortality first started in 2022 — after the jab rollout — although an expert cited for the article speculated that the appearance of the Omicron variant — which was LESS lethal everywhere else — might have somehow been more deadly in New Zealand.

Maybe. Or maybe something ELSE happened in 2022 that was common to dying Kiwis and also to dying Australians. Maybe they should look for something like that.

I’m referring to commotio cordis, of course.


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ok doser

lifeguard at the cement pond

In a recent article, Dr. Peter McCullough talked about “The holy grail of COVID-19 vaccine detoxification:”​