Delmars SPOD 7-2-05

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DEVO said:
Hypothetical ponderings >>>

I have decided to build a robot.

My robot is really cool, it can do just about anything that I can do. Well except think on its own of course. My robot has some degree of intelligence, although all of it's intelligence is pre-programmed by me. In other words, my robot can make decisions on its own so it can handle the circumstances that it encounters but all of its decisions are based on how I have preprogrammed it to react under certain circumstances.

Now here is where it gets good!

There is this guy who lives next to me his name is Willy. Willy is the biggest jerk! I have grown to hate Willy and Willy hates me. My life would be so much better if he were out of the picture.

That is where my robot comes into play. I am going to program my robot to murder Willy! The perfect crime! My robot will knock on Willy's door and when Willy comes to the door my robot will grab Willy around the neck and begin to choke him. I have programmed my robot to choke Willy until my robot senses that Willy is indeed lifeless!

Awesome eh?
One of the best thread ideas of the year with out a doubt!



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I still don't understand all the in's and out's of the Reformed view (or any view, for that matter), so I think there is much that can be learned from out running a hypothetical scenario all the way out. But it does not look like there is going to be much cooperation.
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