Delmar's POD 12-17-2010

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And here we have a perfect example of how she just can't do anything right.
Why is it any concern how much she spent on her hunting trip? Was it public money? No? Then how is it anyones business?
Could she have shot a deer close to her house? Sure, does the fact that she went on a $42,000 dollar trip to get a Caribu mean that people in Alaska don't really hunt for sustinence? No?
I mean it's not like she was making a TV show or anything, oh wait, she was.
So she took the Caddilac hunting trip to the best spot and went first class (just happen to making a TV show by the way) and yes, right, that's not the experience that most Alaskans have but it is the experience that the tourist hunters would have if they gotta have a Caribu.
And it is the hunting experience that most hosts of TV shows have, especially when the TV show is about hunting that particular episode.

I bet she was wearing the very best outerwear that money can buy as well, do most Alaskans have that? No? She for sure had a badass rifle, better than most people could afford, does that make her a phony? If she had used a bow someone would complain it had a sight and if she had run alongside a stampede and inserted the arrows manually people would say that she should have tackled, hog tied, and smothered the damn thing with hugs and kisses.

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