Crisis On The Border, Thanks Joe! (you filthy rapist)

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Joe Biden’s DHS Using Border Wall Funds to Conduct ‘Environmental Planning’​

Brandon Bell/MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images
Brandon Bell/MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images
JOHN BINDER27 May 2022138
President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is spending border wall funds, previously allocated by Congress to construct a wall along the United States-Mexico border, on addressing “life, safety, [and] environmental,” issues.
In July 2021, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced the administration’s plans to spend American taxpayer money on a host of issues, including environmental restoration, rather than expanding on the border’s existing wall constructed during the Trump administration.

January 3rd can't come soon enough

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Fentanyl’s Wake​

Communities devastated, families destroyed, and hundreds of daily dead.​

The police car’s flashing lights were bright in the rear-view mirror. I was definitely over the speed limit. My older brother said something calming and sensible like, “Turn on the interior lights.”
Some of that night is hazy, some crystal clear. Because sudden death changes you. It inverts the algebra of your thinking. It changes the tenor of your voice. And it works quickly.
I turned on the light and watched the officer’s dancing white flashlight approach. Within seconds, I was making eye contact with the fifth or sixth cop I would talk to that night as the crisp cold January air flowed over my descending window in a wave.
“How we doing tonight?” the officer asked.
“Not well,” I replied.
“Oh. What’s going on?” he said back quickly, intrigued as my comment likely ran counter to the usual litany of more accommodating responses.
“Our sister died from an overdose earlier today. You guys have been at our house for the last few hours. I just picked up my brother at the airport. We’re headed back there now. Olivastro. Call it in.”

To say it so matter-of-factly haunts me still. But one’s senses are dulled quickly in the world of the opioid scourge.

“You don’t want to go in there. Trust me, I’ve done more calls like this than I want to count, and you don’t want to see her this way.”

33 years young.

“The medical examiner’s office will be here soon, they’ll move the body and check for foul play, but all the signs point to an accidental overdose.”

Clean for a year.

“We’ll do an autopsy. It takes a while for the results to come in.”

Bright and beautiful. Passionate and proud. Too much promise to be gone. Too much zest for life to believe that a body bag, with the sound of its industrial-grade zipper penetrating through two walls, could truly mean the end.

But Amy’s life did end January 18, 2016. I think about her every day.

This story is deeply personal, but—sadly enough—not solitary, and not at all unique. It all came roaring back when I read about a 13-year-old overdosing and dying recently in Hartford, after bringing 40 bags of fentanyl into school.

As he lay dying in a hospital, police required all his classmates to walk through a solution of bleach and OxyClean—before they could leave school—to neutralize potential exposure and ensure they weren’t transferring deadly traces outside. School remained closed for a week to cleanse the remaining remnants of the fentanyl stash found in multiple classrooms and the gymnasium.

At a community meeting, Hartford superintendent Leslie Torres-Rodriguez reportedly became emotional, calling what happened “a surreal and devastating experience.”

Torres-Rodriguez is right. The fentanyl experience is devastating—and it’s hollowing out families and communities all across our country.

News accounts shows drug deaths have spiked everywhere. The year we lost my sister more than 65,000 people overdosed and died. That’s skyrocketed to more than 100,000 people during the 12-month period ending April 2021. That’s nearly 300 people each day.

We live in an age of data visualization, so the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers an interactive dashboard with provisional counts of drug overdose deaths. As jarring and important as the statistics are, it’s imperative we don’t forget that each one of these is a life lost, forever. Nearly 100,000 unique individuals—with inherent value, talents, dreams, desires—vanquished by a nearly invisible foe.

It takes only 2 milligrams to be lethal. That’s not even enough to cover the year on the front of the penny in your pocket.

The scourge is so real, the only boundary that exists is in your imagination. It may be the heroin that a few years ago made its way into baby formula to steal the breath from a 5-month-old in New Britain. Or the fentanyl that appears to have played a role in the death of Lauren Smith-Fields, a TikTok star in Bridgeport. As the New York Times recently reported, “In just the past few months, fentanyl and other opioids have been linked to the deaths of an 11-month-old girl in South Carolina, a 10-month-old in Pennsylvania, a 2-year-old boy in Indiana and a 15-month-old boy in California.”

The faces of death sweeping our nation include every race, color, creed, zip code—and age. The threat to the American public couldn’t be starker. Fentanyl is now the leading cause of death for Americans between the ages of 18 and 45, according to Families Against Fentanyl. It killed more people last year than suicide, car accidents, or gun violence; and the number of fatalities has more than doubled in 30 states in just two years, more than tripled in 15 states, and increased almost five fold in six states.

Earlier this year, Texas Governor Greg Abbott sounded the alarm about the large amount of fentanyl coming through the southwest border, noting that his state had seized enough to kill 222 million Americans, or 67 percent of the total U.S. population. In his State of the Union address, President Joe Biden gave lip service to border security and fighting the opioid epidemic. Yet only a few weeks earlier, House Democrats blocked a bill that would have retained stiffer penalties for those dealing and trafficking fentanyl.

Just a few weeks ago, America lost one of its best in Bishop Evans, a 22-year-old Texas Army National Guard member who dove into the Rio Grande River to save two struggling aliens. His training and direction was specifically not to enter the water. But his instinct, his humanity, compelled him to act. As Texas officials said, “His act was heroic. His loss is tragic.”

How tragic? He died. The illegal entrants lived. They were smuggling drugs into America.



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Texas's Gov. Abbott blocks and breaks that gargantuan incoming caravan

Joe Biden is letting one of the largest illegal migrant caravans in history move into the U.S., with no effort to stop it.

Texas's governor, Greg Abbott, isn't.
According to a very interesting report by Todd Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies, the record-sized 15,000-strong caravan has run into interference from the Texas governor and his counterpart in the adjacent Mexican state of Coahuila, who had the foresight to sign an agreement in April about border security.



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Texas's Gov. Abbott blocks and breaks that gargantuan incoming caravan

Joe Biden is letting one of the largest illegal migrant caravans in history move into the U.S., with no effort to stop it.

Texas's governor, Greg Abbott, isn't.
According to a very interesting report by Todd Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies, the record-sized 15,000-strong caravan has run into interference from the Texas governor and his counterpart in the adjacent Mexican state of Coahuila, who had the foresight to sign an agreement in April about border security.


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So nice to see them described as illegal aliens and not the woke terms that the mainstream media uses.


Texas and Arizona Send 79 Buses Full of Illegals to Washington, D.C.​

BY RICK MORAN JUN 19, 2022 1:23 PM ET

AP Photo/Eric Gay
In April of this year, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott had grown weary of the Biden administration releasing illegal aliens captured at the border into Texas towns and decided to make his problem Washington’s problem. He began to load illegal aliens onto buses and send them across the country to Washington, D.C.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey thought that was a fine idea and began to send his own convoys full of illegals to Washington.
Now, according to an exclusive report in the Washington Examiner, there have been 79 buses that have brought 2,500 illegals to Washington’s Union Station from Arizona and Texas. To be sure, this is just a small fraction of the total number of illegals that have been captured at the border. But both Republican governors are sending a political message to Biden: stop dumping your border problems in our laps.
One-quarter of migrants in Arizona said they planned to go to New York after arriving in Washington, followed by 23% who said New Jersey was their final destination. Florida came in third.
In Arizona, 69% of migrants who boarded buses to Washington were from Colombia. Peruvians made up the second-highest percentage at 15%. Carr said eight Russian citizens were aboard a bus that departed Tuesday.
Ducey’s busing initiative helps alleviate the pressure from communities such as Yuma, Arizona, by picking up people immediately after they are released by the Border Patrol in town.
Since the media is ignoring the crisis at the border, we must rely on local sources for news about what the Biden administration is trying to do. Yuma, Ariz. is a good example of the chaos that Biden has unleashed. The 90,000 people who live there have been overwhelmed by the crush of humanity.


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Grounds for impeachment

President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has released nearly 1.05 million border crossers and illegal aliens into the United States since he took office in late January 2021.

In May, DHS released more than 95,000 border crossers and illegal aliens — a foreign population four times the size of Key West, Florida — into American communities as part of the Biden administration’s expansive Catch and Release network.

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Mexican president slams Biden policies after dozens die in truck in Texas​

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador criticized a “lack of control” at the U.S. border with Mexico after 50 migrants were found dead in an 18-wheeler in Texas.

“It happens because there is trafficking of people and a lack of control, in this case at the Mexican-U.S. border, but also in the U.S. interior,” Lopez Obrador said Tuesday, according to the San Antonio Express-News.


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January 3rd, articles of impeachment

a shocking 1.049 million, per the administration’s own disclosures.

And that’s just the adults they caught and released; if you add in got-aways and unaccompanied minors, that figure approaches 2 million (closer to a West Virginia or an Idaho).


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Texas Governor Orders State Law Enforcement to Return Migrants to Border​

Texas National Guard soldiers hold a group of migrants while they wait for a Border Patrol agent. (Bob Price/Breitbart Texas)

Texas Governor Greg Abbott orders state police and National Guardsmen to return migrants apprehended after illegal border crossings to the border. The announcement follows news of approximately 5,000 migrants being apprehended in Texas over the Independence Day weekend.
“I have authorized the Texas National Guard and Texas Department of Public Safety to begin returning illegal immigrants to the border to stop this criminal enterprise endangering our communities,” continued Governor Abbott. “As the challenges on the border continue to increase, Texas will continue to take action to address those challenges caused by the Biden Administration.”