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you should read the whole article linked above

here are some excerpts :

A few days ago, at the Third Annual European Union International COVID Summit, Dr. Cole reported (again) on all the anecdotal clinical evidence showing skyrocketing rates of “unexpected” neoplasms. At one point he asked the medical attendees to raise their hands if they were experiencing unparalleled rates of new cancer diagnoses in their practices. Dr. Cole said half the audience raised their hands.

Also remember the Biochimie study referenced some generic covid “proteins?” It never got around to saying WHICH covid protein has all the oncogenic properties. What do you want to bet the “protein” is Spike?

That’s my bet. And I’ll explain why they probably obscured that fact in a minute.

The German Excess Deaths Study​

💉 Also last week, a different peer-reviewed article published in the journal Cureus, titled “Estimation of Excess Mortality in Germany During 2020-2022.”

This peer-reviewed article is hard to ignore, and you’ll be shocked when you see what the researchers suggested was the possible mechanism to explain the unprecedented levels of mortality. The researchers were surprised to find NO excess death in 2020 — the most intense year of the pandemic — but to find 100,000 extra people unexpectedly died in 2021 and 2022.

A hundred thousand is a lot of folks, especially in a country about the size of Montana with only 83 million citizens.

Here’s how the researchers teased readers in their conclusion, which appears early in the study, right after the introduction:

Something happened. Something! Something in Spring 2021. That sentence tantalizes; why don’t they just say it? Actually, despite our frustration, we don’t expect them to say it. At this point, we’re used to disappointment. You know the drill. Baffled scientists. Loony theories like deferred cancer screenings. Bizarre, untestable new illnesses like Long Covid Syndrome. Meanwhile people keep keeling over.

But … this PEER-REVIEWED article turned out to be different, even though it wasn’t immediately obvious. It’s a long study. It has lots of sleep-inducing math in it. But then, late in the study, something appeared, an eye-popping sentence that finally, finally said it:

This started a nearly unbelievable section about the temporal (time-based) correlations between the vaccines and the excess deaths in Germany. The researchers even included a helpful chart:

By this point, I was tapping the keyboard in frustration. They already let the mRNA cat out of the drug sack. Why not just come right out and say it? And then, remarkably, they pretty much said it: “During period when many persons were vaccinated, excess mortality seems to have increased.”

Don’t overlook the first sentence, “the obvious hypothesis of a decrease in excess mortality with an increasing number of vaccinated persons is not correct.” What they’re saying is, the data shows that the jabs DON’T WORK. We already know the jabs don’t stop infections, nobody is even arguing about that debunked lie now. What they’re saying is that the data doesn’t show that the jabs even reduced deaths.

The covidians have argued, and will keep arguing, that the highly-massaged data shows the vaccines slightly reduced deaths … from covid. But the German researchers are rightly pointing out that the vaccines appear to have increased all-cause mortality.

A vaccine that lowers your risk of dying from covid a little, but increases your risk of dying from cancer a lot, isn’t any kind of vaccine that anybody should be taking.

So here is where the narrative makers are trying to pull a quick psyop on us.

Why not mention the spike? There’s a good reason. BECAUSE THE JABS PRODUCE BILLIONS MORE SPIKE THAN THE VIRUS. Maybe trillions. If the spike protein IS oncogenic, then jabbed people are far more at risk of cancer than are naturally infected people. In an infected person, spike hangs out in the body for around eight days. In a jabbed person, spike is being steadily produced for at least four months, and maybe much longer, especially if people keep getting boosted.

In other words, any elevated cancer risk caused by covid infections only lasts a few days. But elevated cancer risk from the jabs will last for months or even years.

The bottom line is, they can’t talk about spike without hauling the jabs into the discussion.

These three mechanisms provide strong evidence that covid is a designer bioweapon. OF COURSE it is. I suppose we should at least give the authors credit for not gaslighting us by marveling at nature’s inventiveness in accidentally adding three different ways to promote cancerous growth — during the handful of years between SARS-1 and SARS-2, which is barely the twinkling of an eye in evolutionary time.

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Speaking of rewriting history, a new study published Wednesday in the Journal Nature, titled “Duration of SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine persistence and factors associated with cardiac involvement in recently vaccinated patients.

image 6.png

The researchers autopsied 25 dead folks. Twenty of them died within 30 days of getting the safe and effective covid jabs. Five were a control group of deceased unvaccinated people. Here’s the study’s conclusion, which put the lie to the government’s long-standing claims that mRNA never ever leaves the injection site, disappears within a few short days, and never ever ever enters the heart:

“These results suggest that SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccines routinely persist up to 30 days from vaccination and can be detected in the heart… Vaccine was detected in the myocardium in a subset of patients vaccinated within 30 days of death… In conclusion, this study provides a map of the biodistribution and persistence of SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccines in human tissues.”​

The government lied. It lied like a flea-ridden dog, or a cheap rug, or a dead muskrat. The researchers found mRNA in damaged heart tissue in three out of the twenty vaccinated patients. That’s 1.5 out of ten (15%).