Coronavirus conspiracy theory - let's get it straight


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Trump isn't a professional politician by trade, Dingleberry. But he became a politician by default when he sought political office and especially since he held a political office.

Are we clear, Dingleberry?

@Dingleberry still disagrees with you:
Trump isn't a politician.

You, two jokers are glaringly contradicting each other. It's pathetic that you imagine you'll somehow be able to whitewash your failure...especially by writing more and more ridiculous stupidity to pile on top of it.🤣🤣🤣

Arthur Brain

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This will surprise you, Dingleberry, but I totally get and agree with @Arthur Brain's point about Trump not being a politician in the complete and traditional sense of the word. Trump is a political outsider. You are the one who is too thick to understand his point.
It shouldn't have needed explaining to him but much obliged sir.

*tip of hat/sombrero etc...*

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Your revolution is a silly idea, yeah
You tried to look like a punk rock girl
A whole lotta sneer, and little curl
But I don't have time for your theatrics
Everybody knows that you're a bad actress
We've been sorry for way too long, yeah
The scum is rising, yeah