Conversation with Knight about losing faith

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OK, a challenge. Let's remember it's basis:

My ideas on science were turned upsidedown in no small part due to conversations I had on here. I listened in awe as people like BobB, [MENTION=13042]rocketman[/MENTION] and [MENTION=2451]The Berean[/MENTION] outlined their ideas. My investigations linked to TOL dialogue led me to contribute in no small part to a physics book that overturns and replaces relativity. I've "surprised" those who touted their physics background in their user name. Geology majors thanked me for my time. I've held my own against biologists.

No growth? When I arrived at TOL I knew nothing in comparison, and it showed.

What I ask for is that you present your ideas sensibly and defend them rationally. Blanket passive-aggressive statements like your "some people" are boring.

It's a start.

So far we've got your idea.

Now, how about something to back it up? What is the most idiotic thing I have said on the subject of science?

I wasn't even talking to you to begin with. I made a comment to TH. You eavesdropped and butted in.

I'm not jumping through more hoops for you. If I do, you'll just set up another like you already have. :e4e:


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if i'm reading this right, anna is holding knight responsible for maintaining a site frequented by foul examples of "Christianity" who are directly responsible for causing zoo to lose his faith, because she's butthurt over town leaving and wants to keep the drama flowing

because, after all, zoo was forced to come here and become a member and listen to all those horrible "Christians"

:think: and apparently ignore the real Christians like anna and town


This is the sort of analysis we need. :up:


So anni is a Catholic- so is glorydays maybe.
This site's strength is in it's dispensationalism; heresy against both Luther/Calvin and the Popes.
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