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Unfortunately, Barb is one of those type fellas who, comments on something before waiting for his Brain to kick into gear. In other words, he doesn't think before he speaks. That's a typical far-left shortcoming.

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The 'Russia Collusion' was dieing down so the far-left was forced to look around and see what other scandal they could use against Trump. They came across the idea of using Trump's past escapades as a foundation they could expand upon and that's what we have going on today. The truth of the matter is, the far-left will throw anything against the WALL (pun intended) in order to see what sticks. After this scandal begins to lose momentum, they'll find something else to titillate their constituency.
And their constituency is so easy to rile up. If Trump has a piece of cake it's a story for two weeks.

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We know when our society has hit rock bottom when an 'Former Porn actress' is being praised on one or more of our News Networks.

Apparently Donald Trump did some "fawning" over Stormy Daniels as well.

CNN interviewed, yet another, 'Porn star.'

It appears that Donald Trump has "interviewed" a few porn stars himself.
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