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Welcome to TOL! Faith is not stupid. Faith in something helps people to cope with something traumatic or difficult which otherwise might be intolerable. Faith is a good thing! Most of us practice it whether we are Christians or not. Think about it. I'm sure you use it whether you will admit it or not. For example, you have faith, in a sense, every time you walk into a dark room and flip a light switch. You have faith that the lights will turn on. You can't be for certain that the lights will come on but you have faith that they will. Also, as an atheist, you have faith, in a sense, that God does not exist. You can't successfully prove that God does not exist. You can't prove that evolution exists, however, you have faith that it does. I have read and listened to many atheists who have yet to successfully prove that God does not exist or that God did not create the universe (universe beginning) and everything in it. Most honest atheists will concede that "they don't know" how the universe began and admit that evolution isn't fact. No, Xior, you do practice faith. Your atheism beliefs amount to faith.

Regarding Cattyfan's question (topic of thread), you really haven't answered it. Why do you, or other atheists in your opinion, try so hard to dissuade Christians from believing in Christ? Sorry, but I think fear for our sanity is a cop-out. Not only do I think that's dishonest, but I think it's illogical. You know perfectly well that it is not insane. Your insanity argument is merely an attempt at slighting us. I've said this before; if I am wrong about Christianity, I will have not harmed myself or anybody else in my belief system in the process. Living a life in Christ, brings about peace for anybody who chooses to believe. Ask any Christian. Maybe you feel that you are living in "peace" as well. I'm not going to argue that at present. All I'm saying is that the Christian way of living is pretty peaceful so there is nothing to be "released from" which brings about harm to me or anybody else. It's a pretty safe and rewarding lifestyle. Most Christians are extremely happy throughout their life! Second of all, if I am wrong about Christianity after I die, so what? I'm dead.

If you want to talk about sanity and stupidity, having faith in Christ and believing in Him and His Word is actually pretty smart. If I am right, and I am, I'm saved, and you're screwed. You are the one taking a chance and really have the greater faith.

So, really, why is it that atheists try so hard to dissuade others from believing in God? This question has come up many, many times at TOL, and I have yet to see any atheist give a really logical and honest answer. Personally, I feel it's validation you seek. Deep down you're scared and really unsure of your "faith" that God does not exist. You think that the more people who come to "your side or way of thinking" will help to alleviate that deep down fear, huh? You know, make you feel better. I'm strikin' pretty close to home, aren't I? I know you won't admit this, but I am convinced that this is the logical and honest answer to Cattyfan's question.


thanks, SOTK, for a logical, intelligent examination of this question. so far it's the only one on the thread.



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Great job, SOTK! Though, I think he'll tell you you're wrong. That's all they ever do, deny, deny, deny.:nono:


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Believing in theory is not faith.
Believing in the reasonable expectation is not faith.
Having a sure knowledge of that which exist absence of any proof of its existence is faith. There is one thing that is true of all faith. That is absence of doubt. There is no room for wishfully thinking or maybe in faith. Though you do not hold the object of faith in your hand you poses it as much as any tangible thing that you might posses. The only way to see faith in this world is to see the evidence it produces in a person's life
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