cattyfan's pick for 4-19-05

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one of my other incarnations is as a writer for a soap opera website. (yeah, yeah...I know...)

So, in the name of my job, I was watching the daytime dramas when suddenly CBS broke in with this important news bulletin:

There is no pope yet.

Let me see if I understand what just happened: CBS broke into a program to breathlessly tell us we don't have a pope yet? Insightful commentary included this gem: "If we see white smoke tomorrow, then one of the previously mentioned candidates will have surged ahead." That brilliant statement is on a par with, "whoever scores the most points will win the ballgame."

And, by the way, they wouldn't have interrupted the ballgame for the non-pope report.


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No pope?

*checks exhaust coming from pickup truck*

Yup, we have a second on that here.


I laughed so hard I started coughing :darwinsm:


Blessed beyond measure
I gave her POTD for this too.

Oh well, she deserves 2 of them for this one. :D
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