Black History Month

The Berean

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Ok. since this is Black History Month let's talk about Robert Smalls. You don't know who he is? He was a Black slave who commandeered a Confederate naval ship, pretended to be the ship's captain, fooled the Confederate Navy, escaping to the North. He took a bunch of slaves with him to freedom. He surrendered the ship to the Union Army, then he served in the Union Army. He later was elected to Congress. This man needs a movie about him made!


ok doser

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Rochester New York, murder capital of upstate New York, my old home town, Frederick Douglass' home town.

Two black teens murdered a handicapped older white man by setting him on fire for no discernable reason. This was one of the neighborhoods I taught in. These are representative of some of the students I had in the classroom.

The main stream media is largely ignoring the story.