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'Are you a Liberal'?

Originally posted by cattyfan

Keep in mind that I make the following statements as someone who is the product of a (very) lower-middle class family. Growing up, my parents had to sell our home and go back to renting because my dad's union went on strike for over a year. His second job was only part time, and my mom first started to get sick so she couldn't work anymore. We lost just about everything, and for a time we could barely afford food. (we never once, however, went seeking a government handout.)

When I wanted to go to a private (very expensive) college, first I studies hard enough to get some scholarships, then I worked three jobs and took oout some loans to afford the remainder.

Given that, I am really baffled by some people's insistance that those who work for their money, and those who already have money, should have no edge over the poor. We live in a country where capitalism is the order of the day, not socialism (although you wouldn't know it from some of the posts I've seen,) and not communism. We do not and should not have a level playing field.

The so-called rich do not owe the poor, and should not be forced to fund the same opportunities that their families have earned. Public schools should be decent places of learning, but not every school door should be flung wide open for every entrant just because they happen to reside in this country.

It is a fact of life that not everything is fair, and that some people have different opportunities than others. It is idiotic to expect those who have worked hard or invested wisely (or had forefathers who did) to pretend it has no meaning or value.

And don't start whining about racism and oppression. Plenty of people come to America from other places and work hard, finding success and opening doors for themselves and their families. (beanieboy cites several minority run businesses he frequents, and there are hundreds of examples in every community.) Also, you'll note most Asians are not given the same edge for entry into colleges as most blacks have come to expect, even though the Asians are indeed a minority. Most Asian immigrants succeed through hard work, not entitlement programs. How exactly do all you doom spewing liberals explain that?

There are privileges that should be earned. And if people would learn to accept that instead of puffing up with indignation at the idea some people have more and then crying "the rich" should share with them, our nation would be a better place. It's someone's hard work that should be rewarded, not merely their country of residence.

Nice work, Catty! :up:
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