Biden: To hell with God and the Church. I'm taking communion.


Biden is one of the elite. He does as he pleases and no God, church leader, or American law is going to stop him.

Joe Biden defied the nation’s Catholic bishops this weekend by attending Mass just two days after they voted for a new document on communion that could be used to rebuke pro-abortion politicians like him.
After the bishops overwhelming voted for the document and despite numerous bishops speaking up about the importance of the Catholic Church’s opposition to killing babies in abortion, the supposedly “faithful Catholic” went to mass anyway.
Why does he even want to take communion? He is Antichrist and anti-catholic, he obviously doesn't care what his own church teaches, he spits in the face of his bishops, he does not attend church on a regular basis, so why should he even bother? Who does he even think he's fooling?

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Do you suppose it'll make a difference coming from somebody who looks like a homo?



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What else would you expect from a right wing, covid conspiracist. lover of old Latin mass.