Battle Royale VI is now on it's way!!!



You have been patient and you have endured. For that we thank you :thumb:

We bring to you, TOL's very own way of saying Happy New Year!!!

Finally here it is...scheduled for Monday January 13th 2003. The first Battle of the New Year and the next episode in the Battle Royale tradition promising to bring the "TF" back into "Theology Forums" is PilgrimAgain in the left corner and 1013 in the right corner.
They will be battling it out on the topic of "The Destiny of the Unevangelized" Restricivism v. Inclusivism.

The webslinging, PilgrimAgain will be arguing the Restrivist view that no man can be saved without hearing and receiving Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

The TOL moderating, 1013 will be proposing the Inclusivist view that men can be saved by the gospel and the blood of Christ without ever hearing or knowing it.

...and I the Angel of Vengeance, Yxboom will moderate!

The trash and/or Battle Talk lines are open for you to discuss in the Grandstands. Get your Bible, grab a Coke and peanuts and prepare for TOL's exclusive Battle Royale.

BATTLE TALK ~ Battle Royale VI - PilgrimAgain vs. 1013

And be sure to present your bias and participate in the first ever

Choose your Gladiator ~ Pre-Battle Royale VI Poll


Originally posted by Knight
I guess we should have figured that Pligrim would be in the left corner. :)
Some would argue it was intentional (perhaps) or Freudian slip (maybe we will never know) :noid:


Left? Me? Has anyone here every heard the word "centrist?" You know, the Archemidian middle where balance is achieved?


3 legged race champion
Originally posted by Solly
Oh, you mean fence sitter.

Only joking...

We sharpened the fence, by the way. You can sit on it any more. Any one who does will be split in two pieces. :D