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:first:In Tarek's, "What are you main Grudges against Islam?" thread, YahuShuan posted an essay that needs to be applauded:

And I seriously doubt that they (Muslim leadership) understand, it was the cries of their own people dying in the streets by the millions, being killed and (slaughtered) by their own leaders, that brought us out of our country, to come to SAVE THEM because of their cries for help!

And when has anyone ever said "thank you", when the battery leads came off of their testies?

I think we aught to say, "ok, let's go home and return no more at the cries for help". Do you think we should say "oh look, Saddam has gassed another 10,000 of his people...that's ok. Let him alone, they will just shoot us and hate us and kill our children once they have been released from this evil anyway."

But "we the people" don't say that! We go, and we send, our loved ones, to save yours. Don't see the government, see the individuals who have come to your countries because we feel for you, and we love you, because Our Elohim, is WAY GREATER than yours.

It isn't Allah who tries to save you, it is YAHUWEH. And the muslims want to kill His People for doing so. Allah wants their helpers to die! And offers them virgins that are not his to offer! So guess what Islam, not one "martyr" will ever receive a reward, they will instead receive the recompence for their foolish desires. THAT is prophecied also.

Muslims, whether they know it or not, are not "loyal to the death" they are instead loyal to death itself. And "death and hell will be thrown into the lake of fire".

If they would "hear" the Elohim of YISRAEL, they could skip that lake of fire part. (Instead), they follow the son of lawlessness and the seed thereof.

"Religions" are false people, only Yahuweh and the witnesses are real. Only Yah can raise the dead! The influence of this Allah can only make them dead, and has proven that's what he's about...DEATH. For his followers, and the ones who don't. Sounds like the "will of Satan", not a great one, or a big one, or a small one, but the real Satan, the "fallen one" who wants company in the lake that burns forever. You remember, the one who wanted to be "as God".

Well...HE AIN'T, and he will never cut the mustard on that one, and he's ticked. Another prophecy fulfilled, and it's about done firmenting, ready to explode upon the entire world to bring us into compliance with their master, who is Satan.

ALL of us have been heralded the call to "come out". Many have been called, but certainly, few are making the choice to do so. If you have a "religion", I don't care what it is, it is time to come out, and DO what Yahuweh has spoken. And y'all best "kiss the Son lest HE be angry!"

The truth has come to bear, and the "fan" has begun to be dirty. To say it lightly.

Loyal to the giver of death, instead of the giver of life? Makes no sense. No one can tell me the whole world is not deceived, it is blatantly obvious.
Sooo TRUE!!! Thanks, Yahu. :wave:

OK, Tarek, let's see if you can climb out of that muck. :stuck:

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P.S. It was just announced that the United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is in Baghdad, to hammer out details of a plan to withdraw United States military forces from Iraq. I thank God for our troops risking life and limb to free people from oppression; and for the United States' policy of stepping out of the way and letting people govern themselves. England, Japan, Germany, Afghanistan and Iraq are all better places because we've had to take a stand against the forces of darkness. Thank God that someone is brave enough to do so. No, war isn't a good thing, but often necessary. We pray we don't have to attack Iran, Korea or even Russia... but if we do, thank God for the troops who volunteer their services to keep Americans free. :thumb:
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