Aimiel's POTD 19MAY05

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Journeyman's Post Captures TOL Spirit :first:
(see text below that Aimiel has underlined)

journeyman said:
Good morning JCAtheist,

Sounds as though you've delt with old Squeaky, a.k.a. Squeakybro before in another forum. Thanks for the support. Old Squeaky is a tough nut to crack and it seems from your comments you've been poundin' away for quite some time without much of a dent! If he was a postin' those "revelations" at your place and was consequently banned, it looks as though he just picked up and moved his show of deception to what he may have figured to be greener pastures. However, by your own observation, maybe it's a good thing he came this way for there may just be a few more sanctified, God fearin', Word of God proclaimin' Jesus Freaks here that will be able to bring to bear the Holy Spirit " nutcracker" that Squeaky needs to finally enter the Kingdom and to hear those sweet words that all of us Saints long to hear..."Well done thou good and faithful servant. Enter into the rest of the Lord!"

Welcome aboard. Peace to you and yours. Ps.119:33-40.

Not open for further replies.