Aboout the Michael Cadry bashing thread.....


Eclectic Theosophist
Tit for tat......

Tit for tat......

Since I was silenced from the gang up and bash Cadry thread I'll reply here. Sorry about the format but I have to logout to read posts in that thread.....

Gods Truth

I don't believe you but assumed you believe to be true what you post.

But we've already established that I don't believe what you tell me just on your say so, so why would I start now?

And to me your opinions are also worthless, not to mention devoid of reason and logic.

Nor do you outside of bald claims and blind faith in an antiquated holy book.

You mean take on faith what the Bible says? No thanks!


Sexism an ad Hom aside, what makes you think I give a whit about what you think of me?


Pretty much the exact argument used by Mr Cadry himself. You'll see, just you wait.....

Hi Hed,

I was also conveniently 'removed' from that thread for biased reasons, and have been removed from other threads without any reason or explanation as well. Sometimes a strong voice of reason and intellectual honesty is too intimidating for 'blind faith' and established 'belief-systems' ;) I've held my own here however, and will continue to do so, even with the current Gestapo and TOL horn tooters (you know who you are who 'thank' each other, by hi fiving each other thinking your crushing the enemies of the faith, earning brownie points for the Lord, or that 'versioin' of truth you worship) by currently keeping their little members club happy with demeaning others by 'name calling' and then marginalizing us more liberal and free thinkers.... crying 'blasphemy' when some critical or skeptical inquiry or analysis is made on their capsule of 'absolute truth'! ha! - the pettiness and awe of it :rolleyes:

MC is a pretty nice guy for the most part, and we go back a bit, so I hopped in to share my thoughts, touching on both philosophical and theological aspects of the validity of prophecy, with posts RIGHT ON TOPIC, but was still "removed" from the thread,....BANNED. Sadly this has happened when I was meaning to still respond ON TOPIC to previous responses made to me but was not allowed to.

Anyways,....I know you've been a bit 'non-plussed' by the antics and shennanigins on the board, but just saw this thread here, so nice to add to it :) - I've included my 'cosmic cafe' thread in this section for peculiar reasons. While this section is sanctioned for all out battles or brawls, it gets a little more leeway for getting a bit dirty, and granted allows us to to also dish the dirt back as it were ;) - as they say,....."the truth that hurts, is the truth that heals".

We also go back aways, and from recent dialogue detect no change yet or gravitation towards accepting religious meanings or values for your life experience. Anything new or interesting about your thoughts of the board here or religion in general? My most controversial posts (see post archive) recently have been on the historicity of Jesus, textual criticism, and my usual address of what I see as religious bigotry, censorship, ignorance, abuse and other forms of subterfuge, all done in the name of 'religion'.