5th Annual Fellowship Week Coming Up!

Nathon Detroit

New member

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OK, here we go once again!

Starting Sunday April 8th until Sunday April 15th we are going to have the 5th annual TOL friendship/fellowship week!

For one whole week we will discourage harsh debate and ENCOURGE friendly discussions and conversation i.e., saying nice friendly (civil) things to each other.

No topics are out of bounds as long as you’re "nice" to each other. :)

At TOL we do this once a year, every year, for an entire week. It helps to break up the year and start fresh every spring!

TheologyOnLine is the ONE Christian site on the internet that encourages spirited debate and even down right "in your face" arguing. However, for ONE WEEK we are going to take a break and be nice to each other. This doesn't mean you have to accept some perverted world view or idiotic logic. It just means you need to find a more creative way of responding in which you are more "loving" or more "civil".

If it doesn’t cause you too much pain, you can even try being sincere in your kinder, gentler responses.

After fellowship week is over, it's business as usual: mocking, rebuke, debate, arguing etc can come back in all their glory.