31 Reasons To Reject The Jab

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fizer has 9 pages of admitted side effects ( starting on pg30) , sounds like he had most of them

Joints, skin, organs and especially cognitive deficits to be compared to those of severe brain trauma. Sensitivity, cognition, thermoregulation, balance, sight, appetite, thirst, impulses, desires, organic functionalities, emotions, perceptions, pain

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he meant millions of dollars


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the CDC was aware of record-setting reports that crushed even the agency’s initial cold-hearted, morbid expectations.


As you can see from page 8 of the pdf, General Dynamics warned the CDC that VAERS had blown through the expected 1,000 cases per day and even reached a level above 4,500 – to the point that GD couldn’t process the data. Mind you, they were never concerned with the human toll, just the logistics of the contract labor. They predicted a need for “reforecasting of staffing needs” to process all these reports.

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Victoria, Australia’s Umbrella News ran a story last week headlined “How the ‘Hermit Kingdom’ Became the World’s Control Group for the Largest Vaccination Trial Ever.”

Usually the media refers to North Korea as the “hermit kingdom,” but here the term is referring to Western Australia. Australia is a giant oblong desert so hostile that almost nothing can survive. The people who live Down Under mostly live clustered near the coasts, where there is access to water. The Eastern Coast includes the most well-known cities like Melbourne and Sydney. Darwin sticks up on the North Coast, and is an important naval center.

There’s virtually nothing civilized at all in the middle of Australia except a tiny town called Alice Springs, which sprouted up at the only spot where water can be found.

But Perth, a big city of two million people, along with a few nearby smaller towns making up about four million total souls, lies isolated on Australia’s Western Coast, protected by a massive, impenetrable desert.

Western Australia might as well be on an island. There are very few ways to get there, so when that province locked down for covid, they had possibly the best access control in the world. And as the article explained, Western Australia locked down early, before covid got there, and even reached 90% vaccine rates before it ever experienced the pandemic.

The story’s news is that the province just released its vaccine surveillance report for 2021 — when there was ZERO covid there — and guess what? The province experienced an ‘exponential increase’ in adverse events, with hospitals struggling to keep up with the carnage.

Here is the official chart of REPORTED adverse events that were turned into Western Australia’s Vaccine Safety Surveillance (WAVSS) system, which is their version of VAERS:

According to Umbrella, despite the near-total absence of covid cases, in the second half of 2021, Western Australia media regularly reported that WA hospitals were overwhelmed, right as adverse events peaked. It was a pandemic of vaccination. The highest month for adverse event reports was October — the very same month workplace mandates issued, vaccine eligibility expanded to anyone 18 and over, and walk-in vaccinations came online.

Only 16 cases of covid were reported in October.

On October 31st, WA Premier Mark McGowan told reporters that hospitals were “under enormous pressure,” but said it was baffling to understand why that was. Just baffling. The WSSV report concluded, “The high number of reports in 2021 following COVID-19 vaccination reflects higher uptake of COVID-19 vaccination and high engagement from the public and health care providers with the monitoring of vaccine safety.”

Adverse events for covid vaccines were reported in Western Australia at almost 24 times the rate of adverse events for all other vaccines — combined.

It’s a good thing they mandated those shots, huh?

I wonder how Reuters fact-checkers would explain this away. Maybe it was an epidemic of asymptomatic covid! A hitherto-unknown crypto-covid strain without any respiratory symptoms that causes heart attacks and strokes! Yeah, that could be it! Not the jabs, no, never.

Here’s a link to the story, since G00gle seems to have embargoed the search: https://umbrellanews.com.au/feature...group-for-the-largest-vaccination-trial-ever/