10th Annual TOL-A-THON Starts NOW!!

Nathon Detroit

The 10th annual TOL-A-THON Starts now!

Thank you in advance for any support you can offer! :up:

We have two weeks to raise $2,500. Please consider giving a donation to help us reach our goal. Donations of any amount are welcome.


Each and every year during the later part of September we need to raise money to pay for TheologyOnline's yearly expenses. Hosting, maintenance, software licensing , etc. Running a website that get's as much traffic as TOL does is expensive. Our website requires a dedicated server and unfortunately dedicated servers are not cheap.


We need to raise $2500.00 to keep TOL online for another year. A few years back TheologyOnline grew out of our cheap shared web hosting account and our only choice was to move into a much more expensive dedicated server. Our option to make payment on the new server was to pay monthly, or annually. Making an annual payment saved us about 10%. Yet the even better part of making an annual payment is that we only need to bug our members about helping out once a year instead of every single month. (I hate asking for money)

In early October we need to make our annual hosting payment or TOL will cease to exist. TheologyOnline is creeping up on it's 20th anniversary so we certainly don't want to fail now. :)

In 2016 we also created a new mobile app for TOL which makes it really easy to use TOL on your smartphone.

Therefore we are having our annual two week long telethon, errrrrr... webathon, errrrr... TOL-a-THON!!! The money we raise during the TOL-a-THON will pay our server fee's for an entire year. (and any other expenses we might run into)

So, if you support what TOL stands for, or you just love participating on TOL, or you hate us but love having a forum to battle us on and you want to see theologyonline grow and thrive please consider donating to the 8th annual TOL-a-THON! Donations are accepted in any amount and can be paid securely via credit card or eCheck through our TOL-a-THON donation system.


Other ways to help meet our goal....
Besides straight donations the next best way to help TOL raise money during the 2016 TOL-A-Thon would be to renew your yearly TOL subscription during the TOL-a-THON and we will count that towards our fund raising goal!

Also if you are a monthly TOL subscriber and you change to a yearly subscriber during the TOL-A-THON that will really help us as well. Again we will count that towards our goal.

We will not count monthly subscriptions towards our goal, but we will count yearly subscriptions towards our goal. Basically we want to alter the way we collect money and try to do as much of it as possible every September.

If you have any questions about the upcoming TOL-A-THON please don't hesitate to ask your questions in this thread.

Thank you in advance for your support!

In Christ - Knight.


Question: How long is the TOL-A-THON going to last?
Answer: Two weeks. The TOL-A-THON will run from September 19th until October 3rd.

Question: Should only right-wing Christians donate to the TOL-A-THON?
Answer: Of course not! TOL depends on ALL of you! You don't have to be a right-wing fanatic to help TOL thrive! If you like participating on TOL for the sole purpose of bashing right-wingers then TOL still is a value for you and you should consider donating to the cause.

Question: What if we fall short of our goal? What will happen to the money raised in the TOL-A-THON?
Answer: We will not fall short of our goal!!! But, for whatever reason if we fall short of our goal we will have to make a determination at that point as to what direction and course of action we will take to make ends meet.

Question: Where does the money go that is raised during the TOL-A-THON?
Answer: All the money raised during the TOL-A-THON goes directly to the operating expenses of TOL, the largest operating expense is our yearly dedicated server hosting fee (in fact, that fee alone is about $1,800)

Question: If we reach the goal prior to the end of the TOL-A-THON will we stop the fundraiser early?
Answer: No. This year we are going to keep the fundraiser open until it ends on October 3rd regardless of how much money we have raised.

The THANK YOU list.

patrick jane

I wonder if Michael Cadry will be the top donater again this year ! I could be mistaken, but I think he donated the most last year.