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  • Hiya :)

    Thank you for your rep. I found it to be encouraging in that I thought it had been ignored.

    How are things going for you?
    To be honest with ya, I don't like you! Posters need to
    be honest with their fellow posters! Not everyone is gonna
    like everyone! That's the way it is! If you can't take the
    heat; get outta Dodge and find a nice forum where
    everyone gets along wonderfully! I can take the heat,
    that's why I stick around! Sometimes, I get a little,
    over-wrought with certain posters and leave them a
    neg-rep or report their nastiness to the "Woodshed!"

    I'm trying to encourage myself to handle certain
    individuals, such as yourself, a little kinder! However,
    to be honest, you came on this forum just a couple
    of weeks ago and started being a bit, boorish and
    aggressive. Personally, I think "newbies" ought to
    get a "lay of the land" before attacking others who
    have been here for awhile!

    You got on old GMs nerves right away. And, you're
    still on the warpath! So, if you want to sincerely,
    "make friends" with ol' GM, start acting respectfully
    towards those who've been here awhile?
    Merry Christmas :) Thank you for your rep and very kind words therein. God Bless you.
    I would appreciate if you wouldn't contact me in any
    respect, from now on. Frankly, I don't like your, "
    Passive-aggressive messages! I asking you in a
    nice and respectful way at this point! However,
    if you ignore my request, and continue to send
    messages, I'll consider it harassment, and let
    the Moderators take care of the situation! You're
    fairly new here yet, you come on this forum as if
    you own it! Too much of an aggressive personality
    type, you be! So, again, please do not send me any
    more messages or, you will be reported! Understand?
    Bless you brother, even though I am unshakable in my position.

    You are one of the very few mainstreamers.
    I don't think you would call me your sister if you find out I am not trinity believer.

    I don't belong to any organization because of too many unchristian like behavior and doctrines of organizations.
    Hi and welcome V!

    If Chambers is a regular read for you, well, we are sure to be friends.

    Where you in North Carolina?

    Lov'in Jesus

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