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  • Thank you for your prayers. I didn't have to go in! What did you pray!:??? :)
    A second? Must be getting old. Reaction time is slippin' a might :chuckle: His blessings
    I like Anna's Cheerio suggestion but I was always one to want to keep my targets to show off how good my aim was. That would be a big nono in this case! :chuckle: My son had an enormous fear of the flushing process. He would have felt the inclination to rescue the Cheerio. :rotfl:
    Just so you know…boys are notoriously difficult to potty train. Mine wore pull-ups to preschool. :plain: Just remember this - he'll be fine by the time he starts kindergarten. :D
    I know you don't agree with me. But you're not willing to hear me, or hear me out without drowning me in inflexible counterargument. I feel badly about that. I know about the single they, and I use it somewhat frequently, but it has obvious limitations although there's a good argument for "thou/they." Anyway. Language evolves, people adapt. What I like seeing is the writer shifting from he to she and his to her when addressing an audience, whether listeners or readers. Shifting from "the engineer knows that her.... to the architect uses that information to inform his..." not sentence to sentence but point to point or idea/scenario to idea/scenario.And that's all I have left to say about that.Yeah, it's constantly dropping at the server, timing out, giving error messages, etc. We lost a few hours' worth of posts again a couple days ago, and Knight says nothing. smh...
    And now we have come full circle, meaning I don't. Thank you so much for your magnanimous effort.
    Town, I've actually responded to you on all your points in the thread. I've told you exactly why what you posted was wrong on multiple levels and even provided Scripture's take on it and a later post of your own confirming my understanding of your first post was not mistaken. I understand you don't understand me. You claim I do not understand you. I feel I do. We are at the proverbial impasse. Enough.
    I pray you and yours a blessed Resurrection Day celebration.
    The humorous thing is that you can't see that you have said it over and over again in our exchange. You already have my forgiveness, just not my submission to more of the same. I've simply had enough, so high handed doesn't begin to describe it. I would call it an in your face dismissal!
    My feelings and my friendship is not an argument for you to win. I meant it when I said "walk away."
    I've seen your answer in the thread. I'm not impressed. There's no way you can state you did not know where my complaint originated. I made it very clear pretty much from the gitgo. I have always admired your intelligence, please don't play the dolt now or cast another insulting bone my way. Here is a cautionary for you...stop considering zealotry within the faith a negative thing as it is the mark of every person in love with God. To suggest otherwise is absurd. Now, shrug your shoulders, just consider me emotionally and fundamentally skewed and walk away.
    Is it just possible you have no real clue what you posted to me?

    "When the behavior of the Body of believers can no longer be distinguished from that of non-believers, something is horribly amiss." -- IMJerusha

    "Something that I don't believe is remotely the rule, though I'm sure some zealots will make the same sort of mistakes and assumptions." -- Town Heretic

    I am a zealot for the Lord God and Yeshua and in being a zealot for the Lord, one set apart, I don't make any sort of mistake or assumption. I have the greatest hope that one can have and that isn't "remotely the rule," it IS the ONLY rule for eternal life. And if my behavior does not reflect this rule, I am NOTHING.

    So, yes Town, you have condemned all zeal and you have condemned my zeal. I'm sorry you can't see that.
    If you don't read anything else from me, read this and I pray you understand it. I considered you a no, not a fair weather friend but a true friend. I've stood by your side, defended you, upheld you and prayed for you in all my zealotry. Never in my wildest imagination would I have thought you would use the very zealotry that upheld you against me or that you would find it so distasteful as to dismiss it out of hand, my post not being worthy of your thread. It has made me realize my Pollyanna hope for online friendship and shared love in Yeshua is just that. Realization, Town, is not baggage but if you wish to consider it that, perhaps you should also consider that two words posted in sincerity would have sent that baggage packing. As it is, I'm thinking we're pretty much done here. Thank your wife for taking the time. I wish her and you God's richest blessings.
    Are you sure she wasn't biased in her reading? :chuckle:
    Regardless, salutations to my Sister in Yeshua!
    I love that term "baggage", so apt and yet so...well, you know.
    Again with your reluctance to acknowledge the original offending post, stuffing your communication with obfuscation.
    I offered sincere commentary/reflection on the condition of the Body both here and elsewhere. You took it personal and slapped not just me but anyone in the Body with more than a lukewarm perspective and told me to start my own thread. Don't you dare tell me I've never put a face on the insult. For all your intelligence, how many times do I have to put a face on it? Good grief, my 24 year old son read it over my shoulder and recognized it for a burn. My declaration on Scripture was cement for the stand. Am I not allowed to take a stand in Scripture around you? Do you find that unloving somehow? Well, get over it! Deny, deny, deny, admit, deny and then blame me for it? Not just no....
    If, in your estimation, it is not for me to determine the best possible reading of plain Scripture for you, it is not for you to determine how I should feel or what I and the Body are "owed" in the face of uncalled for insult. Considering the content of some posters in the thread, I held no nameless tribunal but brought forth a legitimate point in Christianity which you've obviously missed. Matthew 7:1-6
    Oh come on, Town, it's black and white and so straightforward there's nothing to determine. "It is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret."
    That aside, you finally admit what was plain and salve yourself with your estimation that it was mild? That's called "I don't care, suck it up, friend!" I guess I should be grateful that, unlike others here, you consider me a member of the family.
    You're not going to disabuse the non-believing on one hand while embracing hypocrisy with the other but I'll just slink off to my zealous believer corner.
    The problem in this thread Town is that you don't want to give Scripture the best possible reading and in the process had no problem casting me in the light of ugly zealotry ("the same sort") for presenting Scripture's teaching on the subject in both my first and subsequent posts. Not that you don't have a right to disagree but not to the detriment of a friend and certainly not to the detriment of any believer especially when presenting subject matter in defense of faith/believers. I don't know why I am persisting when I know you would prefer I drop the matter and walk away as I have in the past. I think I've just had my fill of being criticized for striving in the faith and your post was the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak.
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