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  • Hi steko,.....of course it would take a miracle for a 3rd party candidate to win the presidency this year,...but could be possible. Its just that the 2 main party candidates are the most unliked and untrusted in history. While I'm a registered democrat,....I could if I don't vote for Jill Stein, toss my vote over to Trump who is a 'wildcard',...but possibly less dangerous than Hilary :) - anyways.....doing lotsa reseach before I finally cast my vote. Who are leaning towards?
    The "over your head" remark had me smiling, anticipating GT's inability to let it go. Reminded me of the scene from Guardians of the Galaxy. :D
    All is well. Took her to her hometown for a few days to visit with friends and relatives. I think the site was down when we decided to go, or she would have told everyone. Which is one thing I am leery of her doing >>>> revealing too much of her personal business on the net. She's far too trusting of people sometimes. Thanks for showing concern for her. I know you are one of her favorite people here.
    I keep thinking I will get caught up and have more time to spend with her on this site. She sure does love her daily dose of TOL. It's taking a bit longer for me to catch up than I first anticipated. But I'll get there.
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