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  • I'm pronouncing the umlauted "u" sound as a Greek upsilon transliterated into a "y" in Latin, so, as an "ee" sound. So, bluten, the u being umlauted, I'm pronouncing as "bleet-en." Is this correct?
    Check the arranged marriages thread in the TOL topic of the day section; I think page three. :p
    Wie geht es also mir, meinst du? :squint:

    That is not such a good question to ask me nowadays. :p

    But I am alive and healthy at least.
    Mary Ann Collins is a program that has been hacked into the Matrix. It is designed to perpetuate itself like a meme through timecubian minds who mindlessly repeat what they hear without investigating things themselves. It was made when no other than Gene Ray “knew” Blavatsky and eventually inspired her to unveil Isis and write the Secret Doctrine.
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