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  • I guess the posters here urging us not to follow Paul are reverse-Dispensationalists? :p
    Sure thing :p

    Yeah, a Christmas decor is a sure way to annoy the resident Hobians :)
    Loving your new tactic by the way: "I'm not convinced. Defend this statement with something substantial."

    That really should be all that is needed in response to a lot of the baseless assertions people make.

    Yeah the pictures I've seen of the "little town" where my stepfather's relatives live is really beautiful, looks like something out of a postcard. What interests me is how different their mentality seems to be to the people around here. For example, the idea of stealing anything is practically inconceivable to them, whereas here we have to put a bunch of locks and protective measures in our homes, they really don't do any of that around there. When asked they say "and who would steal it and why?" As if the very idea were alien to them.
    Got to see plenty of picts of your country (Lienz to be precise) :p. Sister is over there spending some months with some relatives (her father, which is my stepfather, was born there). Really beautiful place I must say, it is a drastically different culture from here.
    Yeah I saw one of those picts, very funny in the context of the thread I saw it in :D

    In other news: http://www.theologyonline.com/forums/showthread.php?t=104362

    Meh, not my fight (yeah, yeah old habits die hard)...serpentdove is as predictable as a broken record. Just copy/paste anything Gendron says without giving an ounce of critical thought to it. Really doubt serpentdove has even bothered to read a genuine book on Catholicism or even the Catechism.
    Revisited some of Eths stuff over the last two days and while I am not much of a fan of the "chugga chugga" riffing style that is typical to metalcore. I have to say Rachel (the new singer) drinks Candice's milkshake :p
    Now that you mentions it, I vaguely remember that, yes :)

    Yeah the new singer is only on their latest album, I think she was in American Idol or something before joining the band.
    Oh, you like Eths? I heard they changed the lead singer Candice. Have not heard the new stuff with the new singer.
    Well that's good you're keeping busy. We consider that a heroic virtue here in the United States. :eek: I enjoy your posts. In fact there was something the other day I thought you would comment on, but I didn't see a response from you. I can't find the thread now. Maybe I'll get back to you on that. :chuckle:
    Ah, I see. But Damian doesn't limit himself to scripture. He is also the ultimate interpretive authority of the texts and traditions of all the religious traditions as well as the various fields of philosophy and science. :)

    How's life?
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