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  • Too bad. :chuckle:

    I've been alright. I had a couple days off work for my birthday but I have to go back tomorrow. :eek: Went out for a couple drinks with my brother tonight which was nice. How have you been?
    :wave2: Howdy. I'm doing alright I suppose. Not much new going on. Not very active here these days. I have a long weekend because I took Monday off and then Tuesday is a holiday so that's nice. What about you? How's life and the church?

    Still haven't started those Torrance books. I've mostly been reading fiction and other non-fiction lately. Re-reading parts of The Cost of Discipleship. A convicting book. :noid:

    It sounds like you're a good busy, with an active church humming along through baptisms, weddings, and yes, even the end of life. What a blessing you are to your congregation.

    Are you going to travel anywhere for vacation?

    I'm doing all right, thanks. A couple bright spots in a year that's been mostly dark. I'm really thankful for those bright spots, I used them as a lifeline.
    I did some theology shopping and picked up two books by Thomas F. Torrance. Have you ever read him? One is about the person of Christ and one is about the work of Christ.
    I'm glad to hear it. :)

    Your sermons sounds intriguing. I'd love you to share a portion of your ideas if you'd be willing.

    I understand about this place, I know it is. I'm always sorry when I let myself get caught up in it - but I'm glad you're still here. :)

    I'm okay. Life is pretty crappy but there are bright spots that keep me going.
    I ended up ordering the Crisp book also. It's pretty short so it's a nice book to read next. Welker does talk about the things you mentioned, I just wished he would have spend more time addressing some of the other ways the atonement is talked about in scripture.

    I might dip into some meditative prayer this coming Friday (and other Fridays during Lent). My church has been focusing more on meditation and contemplative prayer lately and I have wanted to check it out but my work schedule has conflicted with most of it. But during Lent they are doing a Friday time at 6:45am that I could probably try. I'm pretty sure I won't have the self-control for it. :eek:
    I enjoyed Welker, though I struggled with some of it. One of the ideas that I stood out to me was that the kingdom is an emergent reality. I also enjoyed some of what he said about salvation and the atonement, salvation being liberation provided by God and our experience of that liberation. I tend to think he didn't give full treatment to how the atonement is talked about in scripture though. I don't know what I'll read next in the theology realm.

    That Luther course sounds interesting. I still want to learn more about him. I actually just listened to a Homebrewed Christianity podcast about Luther today. I also listened to one with Miroslav Volf which was quite interesting. Tripp is leading a pilgrimage to Germany to study Luther and the Reformation if you're interested. :)
    Hi Sela. It's always been there unfortunately, particularly in the South and some areas of the Midwest, but it can be found all over the country - even my more tolerant West Coast has its pockets of prejudice against people of color, including Mexicans, the Chinese who were imported here as laborers, and the Japanese who were put into internment camps during WWII. And yes, Trump has made the alt-right and the racism that goes with it more socially acceptable again, and they're showing their prejudice loud and proud. I've been watching the xenophobia swell for his entire candidacy, and can only shake my head at the current lunacy which if it isn't steadied out will continue to increase national and international instability.

    I'm doing well, and hope you are too.
    That's good to hear. Interesting about the philosophy degree. Good luck finding the time. :chuckle: Is there a certain focus you'd like to have?

    I've been alright. Every day is an adventure, not in a good way, under a Trump presidency. :eek: Can't complain much though. I finished the Welker book and haven't started any theology since. Been spending some time in Russian history and economics though. Bought a new video game. Witcher 3, but haven't spent much time with it yet.

    I wouldn't want to run into that alpaca's way. :noid:
    But what if you like easy solutions? :eek: There has to be room for sentimentality, to me it's an important part of love. Is it required, or necessary, all the times that you're loving? No, of course not. But radical means different things to different people, and I see room for a radical sentimentality. :)

    That Cornel West video.... Mind: blown.

    Wow. That was amazing. All of that running stream of consciousness... the lightning speed jump from one thought to the next, done so smoothly and reflexively. I need to go back and count how many names he dropped, quite without pretense, you just know that's how the wheels of his mind are turning all the time - what a mind. Can you imagine making a visual of all the people and ideas and connections? What an image that would be:

    "Cornel West's Brain."

    So thankful you gave me that.

    I'm all right, thank you. Existing, for what that's worth.
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