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  • I hope you're keeping that journal like I told you to... Even if you don't want to write the Norwegian version of Diary of a Country Priest, you're going to want to remember things 30 years from now, even if you're quite sure today that you won't forget. :)

    So much really is looney tunes... :chuckle: It's quite exhausting, waiting for the nightmare to be over and knowing there'll just be a new one to follow.

    I'm glad you stopped by, it's good to meet up. :)
    Of course they haven't! :chuckle: I'm happy to hear you're doing well, still in the same parish?

    I'm doing all right, thanks. Weebles wobble but they don't fall down.

    (Which isn't just a 70s kids reference, it's also a pretty good maxim for life. :) )
    I'm drinking lapsang souchong for the first time in months and months. Smells so good. I'm glad you told me about this tea way back in the day. :cheers:
    :chuckle: ok.

    Glad you are doing well. I assume church duties? I've read a little Kierkegaard, definitely Fear and Trembling. I think a bit of something else. I don't remember much though. A big focus of mine has been the atonement lately. I started a book but then stopped. I've been trying to focus exclusively on scripture for now.

    Follow up.....Work has been busy with some big projects but 2 of them are about to end in October so that will be nice. Working a lot of extra hours lately. One nice work thing is that we no longer have to wear ties. :banana: It's a small thing in the grand scheme but still really nice. I've also finally started some volunteer work so that's keeping me busy one night a week.

    Still reading but taking a bit of a break from more serious theology. Reading some other things right now. Also listening to podcasts more lately. One is taking an in-depth look at the Harry Potter series so really enjoying that. There are some good LOTR podcasts that I want to dive into next. Along with re-reading the books.

    :chuckle: Nice way to get some exercise.

    I've been pretty well. Looking forward to the arrival of fall. Thinking about moving to Norway to start an alpaca farm on a fjord. :eek: How are you doing?
    A cabin by the sea... that sounds lovely. :)

    It seems drought is all over the globe this year. I hope winter brings some relief.

    I looked for that poem, here's a link:

    Reading it again, it feels more treacly than I remembered :chuckle: but the idea in it is sound, and well worth your revising it into a more eloquent funeral sermon. :) Truth to tell, I haven't looked at that dash between the dates in the same way since.
    Where did you end up traveling to?

    I can imagine the experience-dense, along the whole of human life from beginning to end and all that's in between. That reminds me of something I read once, it was a poem I think, about the dash between birth and death dates on a tombstone. About the significance of that little — which holds within it an entire life's existence; every experience, every thought, every emotion from the first day to the last.
    Hi Sela. :)

    I'm doing all right, thanks for asking. Amazing what lowered expectations can do for you. :chuckle:

    How are you? Still as busy in the parish?
    Hi Sela, would you please repost Wildflowers? The database error erased 3-4 days' worth of posts and yours is gone and I can't remember the name of the artist singing but I really loved his version.
    :wave2: Howdy. That link didn't work though -- "Zoinks! You've taken a wrong turn." The page telling me so was funny though, pictures of animals with crazy eyes. :chuckle:
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