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  • I am not trying to teach you, as you are me..that is the problem. ALL I am doing is putting forth a view; you can take it or leave it...
    it aint about me.
    "your rambling and incessant talking is getting old. Very old. There is no rhyme or reason to anything you say."...well, some people like what I have to say, it just depends on what camp you are, all the neg reps in the world will never change that. Have a good day.
    just so you know..I would not neg rep you, even if I had that option is nothing more than childish games. Christ is our ONLY judge...I would never judge you personally..your doctrine, however is bull dung.
    one of these days you will learn that a person is not 'ignorant', just because they do not agree with your hyper dispensational interpretation of escatology..until...then, have a good day...anyways.
    you talk alot about people not believing the words on a page, when it is you that denies the new covenant uphold the shadows...LOL go ahead and keep pointing fingers..there are four pointing back atcha..and, one day you will see the truth of the matter.
    concerning the 'feasts', and them already being can have your opinion, and I will have the end, it is not about me not understanding..I understand perfectly why I hold to it.
    I didnt even know Tet before I came to this board, and I did know what I post; and believe..I did not learn it from Tet.
    I have no desire to be told by you that I am missing the point. I will follow the word of God rightly divided...and, if that bothers you, well put me on ignore. I know what I am talking about; I am not ignorant of what the gospel is and is NOT.
    I'm out. I may not be back for a while, but then again, who knows. I've been spending a little time on another forum and so far it's been good. later!
    You people are burning out, that would never happen if you were well rounded bible lovers, you are bound to tire playing the same old hacked tune.
    Brother STP,

    If there's anything that upsets me, it's having people say I'm sensitive. I'm just high spirited, that's all.

    "I don't chew my cabbage twice. And you ain't heard the last of Ernest T. Bass!"
    Originally Posted by Autopilotrulz
    I hope you stay Christ-centered and don't allow MAD to be divisive with other churches in the area or a hobby horse one string fiddle in your church teaching (just as I would not make Open Theism/Pentecostalism/MGT/pre-trib, etc. my focus at the expense of other basic biblical truths).
    I'd be willing to bet the farm on the idea that geoff had no clue that "turn them over to Satan that they learn not to blaspheme" was even in the scripture...he had no clue until you quoted it.

    talk about no clue.
    At least I know what context its appropriate to use it in.
    I see you're a baseball fan. What if all errors were the same? Some get by with no damage to the teams..while others cost a World Series. Are some more "mortal" than others? Same way with sin. tWINs
    Thought I'd let you know before I actually changed my signature that I'm no longer a "hangnail." Thanks. tWINs
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