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  • I'm here at 8:50 p.m., Sat. Aug. 13th. Now how to begin our conversation. What exactly did you want to me or ask about my dream. I have found an interpretation of it a long time ago ... but I don't know exactly what you have read and what you haven't. The interpretation came from a book suggested by a TOL friend. It is is called The Witness of the Stars by Bullinger. There I found the exact star lit scene that was in my dream and the characters were named and the story of it was revealed. I believe from what I have read in this book that it has to do with end times but I have no idea of any timing for any events. I certainly don't know why the LORD gave me this dream? I am the least of people who could do anything with it.
    Help me get started with what you would like to discuss.
    TOL says you need to clear out for some message space ... so that I can send you a reply. Ps82
    Trad brought Paul in, but I was angling for the head of his Church, so I stuck with Peter. Hard to reconcile his intellectual snobbery with that image. :D
    hi rev,.......TRS is working super :) - how is it for you,....rep power value really multiplying. - this is great for those non-members too that we 'rep',...since we give them more fire power as it were ;)
    You still have much to learn re: atonement my friend, but you do see the general truth of sonship.

    Hi rev :) - maybe I do,..but my arguments hold if u read all my commentaries on the subject to know my positions better. And I'm always more fluid/flexible than any propositions I might be expounding on at any given moment. - about the neg reps.....I've heard they are almost powerless as far as affecting your rep power score, - pos reps are much more significant, as far as anyone getting into the 'red',...there would have to be a concentrated effort by others to get them in the negative zone. Its much harder these days to do that to people.
    Hi rev,...I'm ever busy repping friends and people who rep me, I've done that 'free-lance',...and not quite understanding AMR's 'system' in the TRS club. Do u understand the math? - thanks :)
    test results = gold member or above get more rep pts.

    May be the case,...understandable tho if u pay for a higher benefit package ;)
    Hi Rev,....have u read the Gospel of the Holy 12? (here its recalled 'the gospel of the nazarienes, by Allan Cronshaw) - he upgraded the translation here. - its a more mystical, essene, ebionite, nazarane kind of gospel, - leaning towards vegetarianism, kindness to animals, and a 'blood-free' atonement. - Injoy!
    I have a unique eschatological view that reconciles all the historical disparities while predominantly including each one. I'd consider the two references to the 144,000 as distinct, and applying to natural and spiritual respectively (though that would take some background for overview). I agree they at not the same. I am not a Futurist of any ilk. No post-final advent utopia on earth for a millennia.
    Thanks rev for comments. I respect where you're at, as I assume the feeling is mutual, although I've left the traditional-fundamentalism of LDS theology long time ago,...I'm still prone to explore the esoteric zones and outer edges ;) - Along the journey you learn to respect whatever cult-ure or belief-system you've been 'thru'. Blessings 4 the journey :thumb:
    thanks for the email! I did have both a Daniel thread and a Revelation thread going.

    Maybe those would be good places to start the discussion of interpretation of both.

    Thank you for your kind consideration and thoughtful attitude

    You betcha. My views on atonement hold, but am open to the versatility of the principle of course on many levels, but some aspects are untenable, while others may have correlary value ;) - Are you familiar with Chris Nemalka (sp?) and his translation of the 'sealed portion of the BOM'? Its kinda 'out there' as he claims special revelation and to have translated the sealed portion of the gold plates. see here. I was involved with 'The Sealed Portion' discussion group some years back and was eventually banned for being a 'Saducee'! :crackup: - I was a bit too 'avant garde' for them,...but still chat with one of the site-keepers from time to time to see how the 'ministry' is going.
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