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    Scott Roeder is NOT a murderer 4 killing baby-killer

    Roeder shot Tiller the Baby Killer (as he was called) Tiller would kill babies on their projected birth day (due date) if you paid him enough money Roeder thought that was wrong... Gee.. go figure... and killed him... Murder is defined as killing someone who is INNOCENT +++
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    most criminals are Democrats, says Cruz yeh, I saw this story on "The Real Story" w/ Gretchen Carlson today, a show I usually miss... but... I couldn't get a clip from that show... :( but anyhow.. very...
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    Cruz is rising in polls.. esp in Iowa..

    yeh, in Iowa Cruz is pretty much tied w/ Mr InsultEveryoneNotInMyCorner +++
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    Democrats don’t CARE about We the [“little] People

    Democrats don’t CARE about We the [“little] People I’m sure you can add to this list of ways in which the Left show they do NOT care about we the schmucky little people… meaning those of us who do not “count” for much in the world… don’t have huge sums of money… prestige… name recognition…...
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    “Climate change” is a LIE… Ask… HELLLLO!!!... SCIENTISTS (of all people)!

    “Climate change” is a LIE… Ask… HELLLLO!!!... SCIENTISTS (of all people)! A SCIENTIST BY THE NAME OF Reid Bryson was one of 31,000 (yeh, you read that correctly... 31,000) scientists who signed the following RE climate change [Keep in mind that these are people who have STUDIED…...
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    Catholics: what are the 3 best things about being Catholic?

    well, u all can pretty much guess what I would say are the 3 best things about being Catholic? so I will just say one for now the Mass and we have it every day (except maybe Monday, priest day off) ++
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    I wonder if the candidates ever watch... Beverly Hillbillies? or..?

    yeh, the candidates are always pretty serious.. which they have to be... and i, for one appreciate that the Rs anyway... are being serious.. but I just wonder if they ever watch really goofy shows like... have to confess... I do... :) I know Cruz probably does b/c he has young children...
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    what politicians are the most loathsome?

    well, Harry Reid is a puppet for the King... so you just know he is never going to make a right or good decision... or if he does it is only because... well, you know... even a broken clock... actually the pres is right maybe once a yr... but when you are in Reid's position and you just...
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    Putin rejects communism

    yeh, Putin knows all too well how bad communism is and China has rejected it also in fact some say that these people (countries) are more capitalist than many people in the US Bernie Sanders... get real, for crying out loud he said Climate change is the biggest threat...
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    who is last on your R candidate list?

    believe it or not Kasich is not on the bottom of my list.. despite being very rude @ the debates.. but he isn't in my first 3 faves either well, i like a lot of what Trump says, but he scares me... sometimes i am not even sure why... and sometimes i am... but anyhow... top 3 are Cruz...
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    adjusting or "correcting" things i have said here

    OK, one small mistake i made was when i said that the Muslims have been fighting against the Christians for 1500 years... i think it is more like 1400 Mohommed died in the year 632, i believe But i think he was fighting Christians b4 his followers were? i am going to get more info on this...
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    I agree w/ Ted Cruz... should be "religious test" 4 Syrian refugees I think this is the video where Cruz is interviewed by Jenna Lee, one of the better interviewers @ Fox, in my opinion.. anyway, Cruz says there should be a religious...
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    I am somewhat... SOMEWHAT "repentant" RE attitude toward liberals...

    I am somewhat... SOMEWHAT "repentant" RE attitude toward liberals... yeh, I have been thinking about this... I still hate what they "stand for" (ha ha...) still hate their destructive policies that are destroying this country etc... But you know... We can never forget where we came from...
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    Why most Democrats want the refugees to come to US... the REAL reason

    of course many of us have figured this out the main reason Dems want the refugees here is b/c most immigrants (at least in the 1st generation) vote Democrat yes, it's as simple as that. The libs lie when they claim Compassion is their motive if they had compassion they wouldn't believe...
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    10 US cities w/ highest murder rate (3 in New Jersey) 10 Newark, NJ 9 New Orleans, LA 8 Trenton, NJ 7 Detroit, MI 6 Flint, MI 5 Saginaw, MI 4 Chester, PA 3 Gary, IN 2 Camden, NJ 1 East St. Louis, IL 3 in Michigan! hmmm.... +