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  • Thanks for the rep. Zionists are ancient Babylonian Mystical Occultists. Biblical Judaism is extinct, replaced by Rabbinical Pharisaic Talmudism. Kabbalah, Tikkun, Zohar, et al. The Synagogue of Satan. Predominantly Non-Semitic, and there is no remaining physical earthly promised inheritance anyway. Prevaricators and frauds, worshipping an Egregore of their own making to ultimately destroy in their quest for ascent to be divine. There's no greater blight on the faith and afront to the body and blood of Jesus Christ than Dispensationalism. No leaven for me. I'm immune. :)
    Well, there you go. If anyone is really "antisemitic", it's the Zionists and dispensationalists helping to ensure Jews go to hell.

    I'm Christian, but I'm also American. What would be the impact on my life if an invading Army attacked and overthrew the government and sen me and all my countrymen scurrying to other countries for refuge? Doesn't affect my salvation but it might affect my life just a bit, right? God had to warn the first century Jews that things weren't exactly rolling out like they hoped with a Messiah coming to rescue and free the nation- to the contrary, the nation was to be destoyed. Many time markers in the Bible tell us these warnings were for the Jews living in that day but somehow modern Western Christians think it's all about us, imagine that?
    What's the title of the thread that you started? I don't always get the chance to look at a lot of the threads here. I had to look up that word - preterism - I've never heard of the term before. Also, I'm not sure I understand what you mean by Israel's "very national home wiped out."
    Someone commented that they never hear anyone talking about the real "holocaust" (or shall we say "plight") of the Jews. They said they saw pictures of Jews during WW2 - obviously distressed, whether they were gassed or not, and the idea crossed their mind how horrible was their situation, because when they die, they go to hell, and suffer even worse than death on earth for rejecting God. They said it's hard to even fathom the pains of hell. They pointed out there are no public museums or mandatory education regarding this even though it's vastly more important than even the worst estimates of suffering of the Jews during WWII. I couldn't agree more.

    Jesus Christ is the only real Holocaust. Jews are dying and going to Hell for rejecting Him.
    I believe the Church has been reduced to a remnant. We're living in the very last days when the charity of many has grown cold. The almost worldwide acceptance of Homosexuality and abortion are just two examples. Most importantly, however, is the mass apostasy from the true faith.
    Exactly. We're not dismissing the fact that Jews died nor do we hate Jews. People love to throw that word (hate) around when it suits their purpose, yet Zionists continue to use the "Holocaust" to their worldly advantage. What we're seeing now is the "Holocaust" replacing the Crucifixion as the central event of history. Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League made a comment that the "Holocaust" was an attack on God Himself. Oh really, what was the Crucifixion? Isn't it revealing how a person can deny the Divinity and Resurrection of Jesus Christ and that's fine, but to even question the "Holocaust" is illegal in many countries.
    I'm really not surprised by the reaction my thread received. There are those on the forum who don't have the honesty to stand up for the truth. It's really pathetic. But, like I said on the forum, people who love lies don't love facts and do their utmost to prevent others from knowing the facts.

    Thanks again for your comments, Cam.
    It was terrible what was done to Mr. Irving. They don't want anyone questioning their version because they know they haven't got a leg to stand on. Let them prove Mr. Irving wrong. Let them prove David Cole wrong. They can't and they know that. Why else threaten people to "speak only the official line, or suffer the consequences"? What are they trying to hide except the truth.
    Exactly. The soap story and the changing numbers are a good example of the lies and hypocrisy that goes on. We're told there's no need to question the Jewish version of the "Holocaust" but these myths were being peddled as truth for the longest time and still are in various places despite the fact that certain Jewish scholars came out admitted that they never happened. They say there's no room for debate but hide the fact that there's a lot of debate going on among themselves. By far, the biggest myth of the "Holocaust" is the claim that millions died in homicidal "gas chambers." I think David Cole really hit the nail on the head when he said, 'clearly, the only thing that separates Auschwitz from what the Allies did is the concept of exterminations, of genocide, of homicidal gas chambers. If you remove the exterminations from the Auschwitz equation, you are left with a tragedy, yes, but no a unique tragedy - - a war crime that was duplicated by the Allies during World War II'.
    Thank you for those comments. It’s a striking example of the bad will and self-imposed ignorance that typifies these people. They don’t care to look just a bit more deeply at the facts because they have no love for the truth and the truth is not in them. 2 Thess. 2:10
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