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  • You don't even know what's going on in that thread to be neg repping me. And if you do, then that just makes you look even worse, quite frankly
    Random . . . I appreciate your kind words and defence in the predestination heresy thread ~ Psalmist

    Blessings, peace, grace and mercy to you.
    With respect to: 'Jesus was 'the word' before.'

    True. With out a physical body a being at the next level has a spirit body (i.e. an inward man) and beyond that (i.e. with or without an inward man) he has a set of ideas, beliefs and interests (i.e. a soul or an 'ideas body').

    In Jesus case before he came to earth, on God's mission, He had a soul. His soul, which was his ideas beliefs and interests, was truth. That is His ideas, beliefs and interests was truth. He did not have an inward man (He simply was not excited enough about materializing, in the spirit world or the material world, his ideas, beliefs and interests).

    To come to earth Jesus had to come to love the ideas, beliefs and interests which were his soul and He also had to love the idea of coming to earth on God's mission, this created His inward man which gave Him a presence in the spirit world and which eventually brought Him to earth and which in turn, on earth, sustained his physical body.

    Indeed all humans have a soul (a set of ideas, beliefs and interests) which is their 'word'. And indeed their love for their 'word' creates and sustains their inward man. However, unlike Jesus, the soul or word of humans are not all founded on truth.
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