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  • Sending my best thoughts and hopes after you, old friend. A very merry Christmas to you, wherever you are. :cheers:
    I wish I knew what became of you. I'll continue to hope whatever turns you've been through led you somewhere interesting and this thought finds you well and content.
    be quiet toward me PB.
    Rusha and I were doing the same thing, each of us for reasons we both stated.
    You call me a troll on my rep page for that.
    You are not burdened with an
    abundance of brain cells I guess.

    But I repeat - shut your cretin mouth to me on my page, I complained about you writing on my rep page and got a stupid message from you - but please understand now: No words to me.
    Nobody is that dumb.
    Mr Buddha,
    I was just coming back here
    to tell you in a pm that I will
    gladly remove that message I put
    on your page
    if you will just assure me that you
    will not attack SD anymore.

    That offer still stands.

    As far as you being a humanistic homosexual abortionist (good gravy)
    I do not know of any place you are called that!
    This is the first I have heard of it.
    And if you are not Gamera - I believe you.

    Why not let your little light shine like the song says and not worry about being called Gamera?
    What is wrong with being called Gamera anyway, may I ask?

    Is Gamera a humanistic homosexual abortionist? is that where that came from?

    Anyway please consider my offer.

    Thank you
    and have a good day!
    Mr Plastik Buddha
    As I see Mr (sigh) Brain has been talking to you about SD, and I would like to also - If I may?
    I know I am not one of your friends so maybe I am taking privileges
    by showing up here.

    But I have to ask you to please
    blatantly -
    and rudely-
    and stylessly-
    and gracelessly -
    and dead dog stinking repeatedly-
    attacking SD.

    Thank you.
    And have a good day! :rapture:
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