One Ugly Christian

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  • Oh and I do understand you have a running joke thing going about your looks.
    Soo now you are an underdog? We females often go for that so you might want to watch out :eek:
    Ha, I think you have to click on "Save" or something - it didn't go through yet -- I had that happen to me in the beginning. You check the person's name (it says "check all" i think, even if it is only 1 person) and then you click save----it's not you, it is confusing and glitchy. Keep trying, :) sorry a bit buggy and not clear --- If worse comes to worse, you could try friending me (on your USER CP , the control panel, click on "Contacts and Friends" and you should be able to type my name in and click on "Add" or something :)
    Hi please excuse me for being nosy but are you a return poster? I only ask because you are a member of The Secret Order of The Smack - just say none ya if you don't want to tell.
    thanks either way,
    You still didn't answer, what is the "order of the smack?" Is that Enyart followers. If so, I'm not really a follower but more of a groupie :)
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