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  • Hi Omega,...Have you read our thread on the Urantia Papers? - they give a most glorious presenation of the creation of the Universe, the Creators (Godhead), formation of worlds, stars, galaxies, the fall of Lucifer, misison and teachings of Jesus...and the soul's eternal progress towards spiritual perfection and eternal service in the universe. In joy!
    If you read the Bible, and, then, believe it, your behavior will take you in a direction that leads away from the place your friends are walking. How many churches have left you?
    Just wanted to thank you for you wanting me and my child to know your diety. I may disagree with you, but your good intentions and sentiment are appreciated.


    - HC
    are you saying i have a hormone imbalance because i want an oreo? i think its called being a woman, hehe.
    Hi Omega, Even if we don't agree on everything, I would like you as a friend. Your honest and thought provoking with your posts. You have patience with thous who disagree.
    God Bless
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